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    Hygrometer M-68 (M68, M 68; m-68; m68; m 68)

    Hygrometer M-68 - a laboratory instrument designed to measure the relative humidity.

    Operating temperature - from +10 ᵒ C to +35 ᵒ C.
    Measurement range - 30% - 100%.

    The principle of operation of M-68

    Hygrometers M-68 operate on a hair hygrometer. The action of these devices is based on a property of hair skim change its length when the humidity.
    Structurally hygrometer M-68 formed in a circular metal box, which is located inside the instrument mechanism. Hair stretched on a metal frame. Changing the length of the hair is passed clockwise, moving along the scale.
    The manufacturer guarantees that the hygrometers M-68 to the technical requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation. Hygrometers M-68 compliant, ensuring the safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection. 

Photos М-68

M-68 device image.
M-68 device image.
M-68 front view.
M-68 front view.
M-68 side view.
M-68 side view.
M-68 rear view.
M-68 rear view.

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