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Lyuftomer-dynamometer LD-101

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Lyuftomer-dynamometer LD-101 (LD101, LD 101)
Type of equipment: equipment for inspection, service station equipment, inspection, inspection, 2009, equipment for service, equipment service center.
Lyuftomer dynamometer-LD-101 is designed to control the total angular backlash in the steering of road vehicles on the application of regulatory efforts, regulated DSTU 3649-97 "Means of transport traffic.Operational safety requirements for the technical condition and methods of control. "
Lyuftomery LD-101 can be used in road transport enterprises, in bus and taxi parks, stations, maintenance of vehicles, in repair shops and car service, garages and collective points of inspection, control posts on the automobile inspection, as well as individual owners of motor funds.
Parameter Value
The range of diameters of steering wheels from 330 to 510 mm
The range of measurements of the angular backlash (backlash) from 0 to 44 °
Absolute accuracy of measurement of the angular gap ± 1,0 °
Created by the effort 10 N
Accuracy effort on the steering wheel rim ± 0,49 N
Measurement time, including installation and removal from the steering wheel lyuftomera (3 ÷ 4) min.
Dimensions when folded, no more 365 x 170 x 80 mm
Weight, not more 0.6 kg

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