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LTK-P on base Ford Transit with automatic data input

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.

    LTK-P based on the Ford Transit with automatic data entry

    LTK-P - mobile unit technical inspection of vehicles based on the Ford Transit vehicle with automatic data entry. Such a line of mobile technical control is the best solution for field overhauls in remote areas with few exchanges in fleets and garages.

    On board the LTK-P installed:

    - External rack devices and network technical control;
    - Electrical panel and a portable cable reel for connection to AC power;
    - Residual current device;
    - Electric heater salon;
    - Metallic safe for storage of documents and special products.
    With LTK-P based on the Ford Transit vypolnyayutgosudarstvenny technical inspection of vehicles ATS requirements for road safety;

    Software LTK-P allows for:

    - The union of several lines of control over the network with a total yield in the base vehicle registration;
    - To connect and exchange data between databases registration, investigation;
    - Filling in forms or print ready diagnostic card;
    - Consideration of Transport last checkup on LTK-P and report generation for each type of detected malfunctions;
    - Print the data in the form of diagnostic card ready;
    - Video and fotoregistratsiiyu appearance ATS, with automatic detection of the registration number, request and receive information about ATS and its owner from the database;
    - Auto-complete transaction log made ​​LTK-P, indicating the date, time, artist, and he has performed actions.