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LTK-P on base Ford Transit complete with STM-3500MN

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.

    LTK-P based on the Ford Transit complete with STM 3500MN

    LTK-P based on the Ford Transit complete with STM 3500MN - a complete mobile volatile diagnostic station on the basis of F hordes Tranizit complete with STM 3500MN.


    - Automatic measurement parameters and send the results to a central computer;
    - Mnogopostovoy technology checks the parameters vehicles with simultaneous automatic transfer of data to a central computer;
    - High performance and objectivity of the expert review;
    - The ability to simultaneously test multiple vehicles diagnostic devices and transfer of measurement results with personalized labels cars, allowing a parallel survey of several vehicles;
    - Comparison of the measured parameters with the regulatory requirements of GOST;
    - Formation and printing of the technical control points;
    - The ability to connect to the LTC-P external databases to check vehicles to hijack and search individuals within the federal wanted list;
    - The account details for payment of state technical inspection, as well as technical data on the issued stamps;
    - Changes in the pattern of diagnostic cards;
    - Audit - auto-complete the transaction log, which allows to monitor the date, time, artist, registered the validation and execution of its actions.

    LTK-P-based F hordes Transit complete with STM 3500MN have the following advantages:

    - Automatic data entry;
    - Full autonomy;    
    - A comfortable office on wheels for two seats;
    - High mobility.