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LTK-P based on the car GAZ 2705 with automatic offset + 2 500$ as a GIFT (a set of devices for State checkup) LTK-P on the basis of a / m with avtom.vvodom GAZ 2705, LTC-P GAZ 2705, mobile unit inspection PPTO based GAZ 2705 with automatic data entry.

LTK-P based on the car GAZ 2705 with automatic offset + 2 500$ as a GIFT (a set of devices for State checkup)

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    LTK-P-based and / GAZ 2705 with automatic input

    LTK-P on the basis of GAZ 2705 with automatic offset - the line of technical control is designed to conduct state vehicle inspection requirements of the ATC on road safety.
    LTK-P on the basis of GAZ 2705 - the best solution for remote areas with few vehicles and outbound inspection in fleets and garages.
    On board the LTC-P installed: Remote rack devices and connect to the network "Diagnostic control," electrical panel and a portable 50m cable for connecting the coil to 220V, residual current device, 1.5 kW electric heater interior and metal safe for storing documents and special products .

    Using the software LTK-P based on the GAZ 2705 is implemented:

    - Networking of multiple control lines with a total yield in the base vehicle registration;
    - To connect and exchange data between databases registration, tracing and software;
    - Filling and printing of finished forms of diagnostic card with correction at the request of the customer;
    - Automated registration number of vehicles passing inspection and report generation for each type of detected malfunctions;
    - Video and fotoregistratsiiyu appearance ATS, automatic recognition of registration number, request and receive data on ATS and its owner from the base registration.