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LTK "Meta"

5 pieces
It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
     Hardware LTK "Meta"
    Hardware technical control LTK Meta provide connectivity devices of the diagnostic equipment in a line inspector. This hardware technical controls provide a link between devices LTK or brake tester to a PC using the USB-AC adapter.
    The number of network adapters - at least 5 pieces.
    Overall dimensions - 810 × 30 × 60mm.
    Weight - no more than 0.1 kg.
    Hardware technical control LTK Meta can connect via USB-adapter 6 units.
    Hardware technical control LTK Meta designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -35 º C to +50 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - from 86.6 kPa to 106.7 kPa (650 mm Hg to 800 mm Hg);
    - Relative humidity at +30 ° C - no more than 80%.