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LTK-MB 8000 + 5 000$ as a GIFT (a set of of devices for State technical inspection) LTK-MB 8000, LTK-MB8000, LTK MB 8000, LTKMB8000

LTK-MB 8000 + 5 000$ as a GIFT (a set of of devices for State technical inspection)

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
5 000$ в подарок к тормозным стендам СТМ. 5 000 $
as a gift for
brake stand STM
    The action "Brake stand STM by factory price + set of equipment for inspection for free" !

    You had discount more than 23% from cost of brake stand. Your savings are to
376 455 RUB. (complete set of equipment for inspection), depending on the selected stand STM.

    Valid time and the number of gift sets are limited.

    More details available here...
or contact our sales department by phone:
    (495) 374-54-18.


    The line of technical control LTK-8000 MB (LTC-MB8000, LTK-MB-8000; LTK MB 8000; LTKMB8000)

    LTK-8000 MB - mobile modular station used to carry out technical inspections for compliance with the requirements of traffic safety. Also it can be used to check the technical condition of all types of vehicles with an axle load of up to 8000kg.
    LTK-8000 MB are separate office blocks and roller brake tester STM-8000 with ramps, which are used to generate the horizontal section and entry of vehicles to the stand.
    LTK-8000 MB transported to the installation site in the back of a truck carrying capacity of not less than 3.5 tonnes Office block and brake stand unloaded by lifting device with a lifting capacity from 1t, and the other components can be installed manually because their weight does not exceed 50kg.

    Use LTK-8000 MB carried out:

    - Technical inspection of vehicles ATS requirements for road safety;
    - Evaluation of the performance of brake systems of motor vehicles;
    - Assessment of toxicity and smoke exhaust of motor vehicles;
    - Assessment of light distribution and parameter external lights of vehicles, including time;
    - Evaluation of the total angle of loose steering on top of motion-driven wheel motor vehicles;
    - Assessment of light transmission car windows of vehicles.

    Using the software LTK-8000 MB cart, you can:

    - The networking of several lines of technical control in a total yield in the base vehicle registration;
    - To connect and exchange data between databases registration, investigation;
    - Filling in forms or print ready diagnostic card with correction fields and forms at the request of customers;
    - Automated registration number of vehicles passing inspection and report generation for each type of detected malfunctions;
    - Video and photographic recording the appearance of the ATS, the automatic recognition of the registration number, request and receive information about ATS and its owner from the registration database;
    - Auto-complete the transaction log with the date, time, artist, and he has performed actions.