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    Antenna LPA1 (LPA 1; LPA-1)
    Antenna LPA1 - product intended for use in the selective Microvoltmeter SMV8.5 and SMV11.
    Frequency range - 87MGts - 1 GHz.

    Rod antenna - log-periodic antenna.
    Mode - continuous.
    Type of polarization - linear.
    Output Impedance - 50Om.
    Connecting plug on THL 200-8081 - jack 50Om 7/16.
    Dimensions - 70 × 1700 × 1790mm.
    Weight - 5.5 kg.
    LPA1 antenna used for the measurement of electric field intensity linearly polarized electromagnetic radiation and determine the direction and the measurement of field strength and field interference in the far field.

The design of LPA1

    Structurally LPA1 antenna consists of a parallel cable, which is covered against weather-resistant plastic coating. It moves on to the end of the attachment device and the short-circuited antenna in place.
    Leads dipole replaceable and attached to the upper and lower cables. Shortened dipole antenna in the direction of the top. Short dipole LPA1 strongly associated with a parallel cable, and longer can come unscrewed.
    From the top of the antenna feeder LPA1 goes inside the plastic cover to the connection socket on the end of the antenna mount.

Specifications LPA1

    The ratio of the forward and reverse direction:
    - Less than 90 MHz - not less than 8 dB;
    - More than 90 MHz - not less than 15 dB.
    LPA1 antenna coupled to the support structure antenna ATR 2, block 3, and lift FE HF connection cable LE-60, is suitable for measuring the field strength linearly polarized radiation fields.
    The maximum error of the calibrated antenna LPA1 using the measuring receiver SMV8.5 factor for matching the input impedance of the receiver is 1 dB, 2.5 dB.
    Products LPA1 able to withstand shocks 6ms, 12g acceleration, at 1,000 beats per minute.
    Antennas LPA1 are splash-and dust-proof and designed for use at ambient temperatures - from -30 º C to +50 º C.