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Loader trailer coupling

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Loader trailer coupling
Loader trailer coupling is designed to test an inertial brake trailer vehicle categories O2 and O3.
Product Specifications Loaders trailer couplings:
A range of efforts in pushing the trailer coupling device - from 0kN to 5kN;
Operating pressure generated in the pneumo-mechanical block device Loader trailer coupling - 0.5 MPa, 0, 8MPa;
Unit price of the least bit CPU - 0.1 N;
Maximum permissible relative error of the creation and measurement efforts in pushing the trailer coupling device - ± 1%;
Degree of protection against dust and moisture - IP54;
Electrical power electronic module device Loader trailer coupling made ​​from eight batteries;
Pushing the inertial force of the trailer creates a pneumatic cylinder Drome.The measurement is performed pushing efforts of the resistance strain gauges, electronic sensor efforts;
Pushing force between the car-tractor and trailer passed through in the standard towbar.Creating a force is pushing through a built-ton cylinder which is applied to the input air pressure.Measurement of the push to efforts made ​​electronically strain gage force, the report of the current and the peak value of the measured values ​​of the efforts carried out through a digital-indicating device (CPU) of the electronic device unit Loader trailer coupling, which is connected via cable to the sensor efforts.Wheels of the trailer during the measurement should be located on the roller brake tester. Fear of the nal circuit prevents movement of the trailer.Thus the wheels of the trailer kept on the rolls;
Make sure to test the tire pressure trailer, the inertial force of the pressure in the tractor trailer, the pressure must match the value specified in the instructions on the trailer;
Install a trailer on a roller brake tester in accordance with the instructions and place the towbar so that it can be easily draw hydraulic jack;
Disconnect the car-truck from the trailer and move the device Loader trailer coupling for towing a trailer hitch.Raise the hydraulic jack to top the ball went into the device towbar trailer;
Set the height of the ball unit so that the unit and tow bar are parallel to the trailer and fasten the device to the roller chain clamp around thee govo coupling the trailer.To adjust the height of the ball, rotate the disk;
After that, fasten the chain connecting the device, so that is not created during the work interfere with moving parts of the trailer brake tester and the device;
Lower the jack and hang up the trailer with the established instrument Loader trailer coupling trailer hitch of the tractor vehicle;
Connect the compressed air through a flexible hose to the input of the pneumatic cylinder and an electronic unit to the sensor efforts. Check the set pressure on the regulator. Yes sisting must be equal to 6 bars;
To prevent the expulsion of the trailer brake tester rollers, put the vehicle on the parking brake;
To increase or decrease given by the pushing force, it is necessary to help feed the pressure regulator to increase or decrease the value of the supplied air pressure;
Monitor the pushing force given by using an electronic device unit;
After starting the roller brake tester slowly increase the pressure (given by the pushing force) to block the wheels of the trailer or the maximum effort, designed for the mass of the trailer;
Turn off the bench, move the control lever of pressure to "lock feed pressure" and make sure that the display of the current efforts to push the CPU of the electronic unit is equal to zero;
To remove the device Loader trailer coupling - an operation inverse to the preparation of the measurements;
Connect the trailer to the car-tractor (important parameter of the inertial force of the pressure on the tractor trailer).Check that it is capable of safe passage, and going away from the brake stand;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality Loader trailer coupling with the technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation;
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Loader trailer coupling.
Loader trailer coupling.