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Ratiometer shield LM-08

Also this device may be referred to: LM 08, LM08.


LM-08 ratiometer shield is a showing magnetic system device and is used as a secondary device in combination with resistance thermometers to measure temperature.

Dimensions - 110×110×200 mm.

Accuracy class - 2,0.


Magnetic system LM-08 consists of a permanent magnet pole pieces and a cylinder. The principle of operation is based on measuring ratiometer ratio of current in circuits and constant resistance thermometer. The movable part of the device comprises two frames arranged in a magnetic field. Equilibrium position of the movable part ratiometer depends on the current strength within, which in turn depends on the resistance thermometer.


Specifications LM-08:


Measuring range - from -50° C to +50° C.

Nominal static characteristic conversion - Gr.23:

- at a temperature of -50° C - 41,71;

- at a temperature of 0° C - 53,00;

- at a temperature of +50° C - 64,29.


Ratiometer voltage - 127 V.

Operating position of LM-08 - vertical.

Display type - an arrow.

Weight LM-08 - 2,670 kg.


Ratiometer LM-08 certified and listed in the State Register of measuring instruments. The devices comply with requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: LM-08

LM-08 device image.
LM-08 device image.
LM-08 front view (scale).
LM-08 front view (scale).
LM-08 side view (casing depth).
LM-08 side view (casing depth).
LM-08 rear view (connection).
LM-08 rear view (connection).
LM-08 overhead view.
LM-08 overhead view.