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Backlash detector LD-16000 - Equipment for testing backlash in detail the steering and the car's suspension to 16,000 kg.

    Also this device can be called: LD16000, LD 16000.

The maximum load on the platform - 8000kg.
Maximum axle load - 16000.
The drive of the movable platform - hydraulic.
Motion control - remote.
Power - AC 220V, 50Hz.

Backlash detector LD-16000 work on the principle of forced movement of the front wheels of the car and visually determine the backlash in the nodes of the car's suspension.
Backlash detector LD-16000 is used when checking in trucks gaps in the attachment joints ball joint suspension of the support arm, shock absorbers and bearings, rod end, wheel bearing, engine mount. Usually LD-16000 used on items of maintenance, technical control centers, transport companies.

Structural features of LD-16000

Backlash detector LD-16000 consist of permanently installed platforms, power boards and lamps incorporated with remote control.
Platform LD-16000 has two boards: mobile and immobile. Between them there are anti-friction pads that are connected to the axis of the movable plate. The movable plate-AO 16000 moved by a hydraulic cylinder which is attached to the movable and fixed plates.
Backlash detector LD-16000 has a remote-lantern that is designed to highlight the nodes being monitored and motion control pad with buttons on it.



Photos: LD-16000

LD-16000 device image.
LD-16000 device image.