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    Measuring parameters of semiconductor devices L2-56
    Also, this device can be called: L256, L 2 56, L-2-56, L-256, L 256.
    Measuring parameters of semiconductor devices L2-56 is designed for visual observation of the static current-voltage characteristics of semiconductor devices low and high power, voltage measurement electrodes and their currents in their chains, their definition of low-frequency parameters.
    Current measuring range in the collector circuit of a semiconductor device - from 1 mA to 16 A.
    Measurement range of primary and reverse current - from 2 nA to 16 mA.
    Specifications of measuring devices:

    Protection threshold - from 70 watts to 90 watts.
    Time samoprogreva device L2-56 - no more than 30 minutes.
    Time of continuous operation in the working conditions - at least 8 hours.
    Maximum power consumed by the device - 200 watts.
    Dimensions meter - 580x490x295 mm.
    Weight - 45kg.
    A block diagram of meter L2-56 comprises:
    - The collector circuit of the power source;
    - Generator steps;
    - Steps amp;
    - Amplifier indicator vertically;
    - Regulator calibrated vertical movement;
    - Unit test transistors;
    - Control the vertical sensitivity;
    - Sensitivity control horizontally.
    For families on the instrument characteristics investigated transistor in the collector circuit of the transistor through a current limiting resistor voltage is applied from the power source of the collector circuit. Steps from the generator to the amplifier input stage current flows steps. The output of the amplifier steps stepwise changing voltage or current supplied to the emitter or the base of the transistor investigated depending on the connection type. wherein the transistor circuit in the collector current pulse occurs.
Instrument screen L2-56 creates an image of the family of current-voltage characteristics of the transistor.
    Food chain base investigational device is made ​​current or voltage pulse steps positive and negative polarity.
    L2-56 meter is provided for automatic digital display illuminated signs scale factors, as well as automatic shut-off the power supply when the threshold is exceeded capacity.
    Operating Conditions meters L2-56:

    Ambient temperature - +10 ° C to +35 ° C.
    Relative humidity at +20 ° C - up to 80%.    
    Pressure - 750 ± 30 mm Hg. Art. (100 ± 4 kPa).
    Mains voltage - 220 V.
    Line Frequency - 50 Hz.

Photos: L2-56

L2-56 measurer image.
L2-56 measurer image.
L2-56 front view.
L2-56 front view.
L2-56 side view.
L2-56 side view.
L2-56 rear view.
L2-56 rear view.
L2-56 overhead view.
L2-56 overhead view.
L2-56 bottom view.
L2-56 bottom view.
L2-56 block diagram of the measurer.
L2-56 block diagram of the measurer.