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    The measure inductance L-0370-3 (L 3 0370; L03703)
    The measure inductance L-0370-3 - sensing coil, which has a permanent fixed inductance.
    Measures inductance L-0370-3 shielded winding is made ​​astatic that nearly eliminates the influence of external magnetic fields. Inductor operate as a copper wire windings on insulating frames. To obtain a small value of the residual parameters mandrels made ​​of materials whose magnetic permeability is equal to unity, such as porcelain, marble, ceramics, quartz glass, plastics. To reduce the effect of surface coils, working at high frequencies, the core wire is used.
    Coil windings L-0370-3 to improve insulation impregnated with special oils and pour fixing mass. Clips inductors to reduce the frequency dependence of eddy currents carry a special design.
    Specifications L-0370-3

    The value of error of the instrument is determined by the formula:
δ1 = ± K,

    where K - accuracy class action
    Measures L-0370-3 relate to recoverable products group, and type 1 according to GOST 27.003. Mean time to failure in the working conditions of use shall be not less than 50,000 hours. Total average service life is at least 10 years of age. Average recovery time less than 24 hours.
    Measures inductance L-0370-3 designed for use in moderate climate in enclosed dry heated rooms at the ambient temperature of 10 ° C to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% (at 20 ° C).