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KV1-03ST (KB1-03CT)

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Vibration control device KV1-03ST

Also, this device can be called: KV 1-03 SТ, KV 103 SТ, KV103SТ, KV-103-SТ, KV-1-03-SТ, KV1-О3SТ, kb1-03ct, kb 1-03 ct, kb1 03ct, kb1-03ct.

KV1-03ST vibration control device is designed to measure and control the level of vibration (vibration velocity).


Measuring range:

- From 0 mm/s to 30 mm/s;

- From 0 mm/s to 100 mm/s.

Frequency range KV1-03ST - 5 Hz to 500 Hz.

Analog output (current) - 4 mA to 20 mA.


- Amplitude - frequency characteristic (AFC) - not more than 5%;

- Amplitude of the base frequency of 100 Hz - 5%.

Load resistance - less than 100 Ohm.

Measurement type - velocity.

Sensor type - ABC-117-03.

Operating conditions KV1-03ST:

Ambient temperature:

- Gyroscope - from -100° C to +150° C;

- An electronic unit - from -50° C to +60° C.

Voltage - 220 V±10%.

The frequency - 50 Hz.

Power consumption is not more than 5 Watt.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance device vibration control KV1-03ST all technical requirements if the consumer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.