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Curvimeter KU-A Curvometer KU-A.

Curvimeter KU-A

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Curvimeter KU-A (KUA, KU A)
Curvimeter KU-A is designed to measure the lengths of curves on the topographical plans, maps, graphics, documents.
Technical characteristics of the devices curvimeter KU-A:
Readability (metric scale) - 1.0 cm;
Scale (a scale inch) - 0.5 inches;
Compliance with the scale of the straight line segment (metric scale) - 100cm;
Compliance with the scale of the straight line segment (scale inch) - 39.4 inches;
The measurement error of a line segment 50cm in length - no more than 0.5%;
Dimensions of the device odometer KU-A - no more 100h40h15mm;
Weight - 0.04 kg;
The presence on the device odometer KU-A of the two scales allows to obtain the measurements in centimeters and inches;
The scales are made color printing;
The device odometer KU-A is available in a plastic housing;
The package includes a carrying case.