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КНТ8 Ionization chamber KNT8.


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Ionization chamber KNT8 (CST-8, 8 CST, kht8, kht-8, kht 8)
Ionization chamber KNT8 designed to measure the spectrum of neutrons in nuclear physics.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ionization chamber KNT8:
Insulation resistance instrument ionization chamber KNT8:
- CLE - 1,0 ∙ October 10 ohms;
Capacitance instrument ionization chamber KNT8 - 10 pF;
Absolute value of sensitivity:
- A neutron pulse - not less than 2,00 ∙ 10 -6 cm 2 ∙ neutrons -1;
Power supply unit ionization chamber KNT8 - 500 V;
Dimensions - 7.5 x7, 5h71mm;
Unit weight ionization chamber KNT8 - 10g.