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Made in: 2018


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    Showing the bridge KM140-704-OM4 (KM140704OM4, KM-140-704-OM4, KM 140-704-OM4, 704 OM4 KM140, KM140-704-0M4; KM1407040M4, KM-140-704-0M4; KM 140-704 - 0M4; km140-704-om4; km140704om4; km-140-704-om4; km 140-704-om4; km140 704 om4; km140-704-0m4; km1407040m4; km-140-704-0m4; km 140-704 - 0m4)
    Showing the bridge KM140-704-OM4 - a device for measuring temperature, salinity or electrical resistivity of water, as well as for signaling at a deviation of the measured values ​​of the specified value.

Sensor Type - SPKT-104
    The basic error - ± 0,5%.
    Power - AC 220V (127V), 50Hz ± 12,5 Hz.
    Power consumption - less than 19W
    Overall dimensions - 140 × 140 × 405mm.
    Weight - no more than 8.5 kg.
    Bridges KM140-704-OM4 are used to measure temperature in an installation ACT1-05 and have no independent use.

Specifications KM140-704-OM4

    Speed ​​devices KM140-704-OM4 does not exceed 5 seconds.
    Showing the bridge KM140-704-OM4 works when exposed to vibration loads from 5 Hz to 100 Hz with an acceleration of 9.8 m / s 2.
    Also KM140-704-OM4 withstand shock pulse repetition rate within 40ud/min - 180ud/min, with the total number of strikes - at least 1000. The maximum acceleration stroke, which can leave the device KM140-704-OM4 - 100 m / s 2.