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Made in: 2018


    Normal element thermostatically Kh489 (Kh 489; Kh-489; Kh489; Kh 489; Kh-489)
    Element normal Kh489 - dvokonturnoe device, which is a measure of the electromotive force, intended for testing and calibration of electrical equipment in the laboratory and shop floor.
    Accuracy class - 0.0005.
    Thermostat control temperature - 29 ° C - 31 ° C.
    Dimensions - 420 × 330 × 300mm.
    Weight - 20kg.

    Specifications Kh489

    Operating position of a normal Kh489 - vertical. Permissible deviation from the vertical position, no more than 5 °. Instability temperature incubation for 3 days did not exceed ± 0,05 ° C while the ambient temperature to within ± 1 ° C temperature range.
    When ambient temperature changes in the extreme range of operating temperatures within the temperature change does not exceed thermostatic ± 0,5 ° C.

    Elements of the normal Kh489 is used to power the temperature controller AC power 220V 50Hz.
    Element normal Kh489 sets the operating mode for 48 hours. Exposure time after a temperature change member incubation at ± 0,5 ° C, caused by the influence of ambient temperature or adjusting the temperature of at least 24 hours.
    Elements of the normal Kh489 are designed to work for 8 years.