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    Dosimeter naval KDG-1

    Also, this device can be called: KDG 1, KDG1.
    KDG-1 dosimeter naval is designed to measure the exposure dose rate (EDR) of gamma radiation and indicate the presence of beta radiation.

    Measuring range - from 100 mR / hr to 1000 R / hr
    Energy gamma rays - from 0.1 MeV to 3.0 MeV.
    The basic error of - 30%.
    Indication - An arrow.
    The principle of operation of dosimeters KDG-1 based on the measurement of the average repetition frequency of electrical pulses which occur in the detection unit by the impact of the gamma rays by self-quenching Geiger-Muller code used in the apparatus as a radiation detector.
    Electric pulses from the detecting unit, the speed of which is proportional to follow external radiation received at the measuring control cable where they are normalized in amplitude and recorded count rate meter. Voltage on the integrating capacitor proportional to the average arrival rate of input pulses measured by a voltmeter with a high input impedance.
    KDG-1 dosimeters are portable and are made ​​in the form of remote measurement and remote detection unit on telescopic pole. Nonoperating control and detection units are placed on the mounting boards.


    Dosimeter KDG-1 has 7 sub-bands.
    Dosimeter is located on the sensor spring-loaded swivel screen that can be locked in two positions:    
    - An open window (beta + gamma position) held indication of beta radiation;
    - When closed (position gamma) is measured gamma radiation EDR.

    Dosimeters KDG-1 provide an indication of the presence of "hard" (greater than 0.4 MeV), beta radiation, ranging from 600 disintegrations. / (Min · cm 2) as measured by "1 mR / hr."
    Measurements are carried out consecutively for ranges x1 mR / h, x10 mR / h, x100 mR / hr
    Warm-up time - no more than 1 min.
    Response time - no more than 100 seconds.
    Warm-up time - 1 min.
    Weight - 2.8 kg.

    Operating conditions KDG-1:

    -Interference, vibration, shock.
    Moisture, splash embodiment.
    Universal power supply, backlight scales.
    Possibility Personnel decontamination decontamination facilities.

Photos: KDG-1

KDG-1 device image.
KDG-1 device image.