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Made in: 2018


Discount 10% on devices with a differential-transformer measuring circuit showing.

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Device showing KD140-001-OM4  (KD-140 001-OM4, KD-140-001-OM4)
Designed for measuring flow, pressure, level and other non-electric units that can be converted into mutual inductance 0-10mGN and for signaling said deviation from the setpoint parameters.
The primary sensor:
- Type: one-to-induction
- Characteristics: linear
Regulating signaling device: 3-point
Power supply: 220V or 127V, 50Hz
Devices with a differential transformer measuring circuit showing KD140-001-OM4 are designed to measure flow, pressure, level, and other non-electrical quantities that can be converted into mutual inductance 0-10mGN, and for marking the deviation of these parameters from the set value.