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Measurement kit K505 (K 505, K-505)
Measurement kit K505 (hereinafter - set) portable is designed to measure current, voltage and power in single-phase and three-phase three-pass and AC circuits that four-pass ka at the uniform and non-uniform load phases.

Measurement kit K505 (hereinafter - sets) are designed for portable measuring current, voltage and power in single and three-phase three-pass and chetyrehprohodnyh AC circuits that ka at the uniform and non-uniform load phases.
Kit K505 is used for commissioning of electrical and operational control of industrial plant E, transformers, generators, motors of the electric networks.
Kit is available in two versions:
Sets of measuring K505 - for use in enclosed dry heated indoor Mykh in a temperate climate at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% (at 30 C °).
Sets of measuring K505 T4.1 - tropical version - for use indoors at a temperature between 1 and 45 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% (at 25 ° C) in a dry tropical climate, as well as indoors in an air-conditioned environment humid tropical climate (accommodation category T4.1 and TS4.2 according to GOST 15150-69).
Built-in Measurement kit K505 devices comply with accuracy class 0.5 in accordance with GOST 8711-60 - for ammeters and voltmeters, GOST 8478-60 - for the power meter. Separate current transformer UTT-5M, designed to expand the limits of current measurement, accuracy class 0.2 in accordance with GOST 5.1074-73. Rated power factor wattmeter - 1.
Basic Kit K505 are shown in Table. 1-3.
The normal frequency range 40-65 Hz. Extended frequency range 65-400Hz (for 75V), 65-500Hz (for 150-600V).
Options sequential circuits, measured between the input and output terminals kit K505 for that phase, which includes built-in measuring instruments and current transformer (without UTT-5M) are shown in Table 2.
Nominal current and nominal resistances looping kit K505, measured between the neutral wire clamp and clip any of the phases at the free position button Sequence Lead (phase tester is not included), are given in Table 3.
The basic error of instrument sets K505 in the normal range of frequencies from 40 to 65Hz when measuring currents up to 10A, voltage from 75 to 6 and 00B capacity corresponding to specified values ​​of current and voltage does not exceed ± 0,5% of full scale of the working part of the scale.
At the limit of 30V main error K505 devices set in the normal range of frequencies does not exceed ± 1,0% of full scale of the working end of the scale at all currents up to 10A.
Changing the instrument reading kit K505 caused by changing the frequency of the upper limit of the normal region to any value in the extended frequency range does not exceed ± 0,5% of full scale of the working part of the scale.
Settling time of mobile devices kit K505 no more than 4 seconds.
According to the degree of protection from the influence of external magnetic fields measuring kit K505 applies to Category II according to GOST 1843-59. In terms of resistance to mechanical stresses during operation Measurement kit K505 belongs to the ordinary according to GOST 1845-59.
Overall dimensions 505x330x190mm set, weight set (with UTT-5M) not more than 15 kg.

Table 1.
tion current, A
Rated power (single-phase), at rated voltage, kW Examples
30B 75V 150B 300B 450V 600V
0.5 A 0,015 kW 0.0375 kW 0,075 kW 0.15 kW 0,225 0.3

No trans


current UTT-5M

1A 0.03 kW 0,075 kW 0.15 kW 0.3 kW 0.45 0.6
2.5 A 0,075 kW 0.1875 kW 0,375 kW 0.75 kW 1,125 1.5
5A 0.15 kW 0,375 kW 0.75 kW 1.5 kW 2.25 3
10A 0.3 kW 0.75 kW 1.5 kW 3kW 4.5 6
15A 0.45 kW 1,125 kW 2.25 kW 4.5 kW 6.75 9

With trans-


current UTT-5M

50A 1.5 kW 3.75 kW 7.5 kW 15kW 22.5 30
100A 3kW 7.5 kW 15kW 30kW 45 60
150A 4.5 kW 11.25 kW 22.5 kW 45kW 67.5 90
200A 6kW 15kW 30kW 60kW 90 120
300A 9kw 22.5 kW 45kW 90kW 135 180
600A 18kW 45kW 90kW 180KW 270 360

Table 2.
Rated current, A Rated resistance in ohms Nominal inductance mH
0.5 A 8.4 1.78
1A 2.3 0.51
2.5 A 0.41 0,102
5A 0,093 0,031
10A 0,039 0.01

Table 3.
Nominal voltage, V

Nominal resistance of the parallel circuit, Ohm

Rated current, mA
30V 2857 10.5 mA
75V 7143
150V 14186
300V 28571
450V 42857
600V 57149

Photos: K505

K505 kit image.
K505 kit image.
K505 panel view.
K505 panel view.
K505 kit image with the closed lid.
K505 kit image with the closed lid.
K505 front view.
K505 front view.
K505 side view.
K505 side view.
K505 rear view.
K505 rear view.
K505 bottom view.
K505 bottom view.