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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

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Tachometer K1803.1 (K-1803.1, K 1803.1)
Tachometer K1803.1 designed for remote measurements of the speed and the direction of rotation of shaft diameters from 20mm to 1125mm main marine engines.
Class of accuracy:
- 1.0 - working with reversible shaft;
- 1.0 - for devices with zero within the range of measurement;
- 1.5 - for devices with a zero on the left.
Technical characteristics of the devices K1803.1 tachometers:
The tachometer has K1803.1 obscheklimaticheskoe rendition of "0";
The structure of the device include:
- The primary transmitter G113.1;
- Intermediate R1813.1 converter;
- Showing the device M1619.1;
Installation elements kit
- Single maintenance kit consisting of  R1813.1;
The range of the instrument measuring the tachometer K1803.1 and the number of rotor teeth, depending on the diameter of the shaft are given in Table. 1;
Standardized output signals to the analog output proportional to the frequency K1803.1 tachometer shaft rotation;
The limits of voltage changes the output signals:
- From 0 V to +10 V - when working with irreversible tachometer shafts;
- From-10V to +10 V - when working with a reversible shaft tachometer;
The voltage output tachometer K1803.1 corresponding to finite values ​​ranges - 10V;
Load resistance - from 2 ohms to 2 megohms;
Power supply is provided from a tachometer K1803.1 AC 220V 50 Hz or 400 Hz with a THD of 10%;
Power consumption does not exceed 20V ∙ A;
Table 1: Range and number of rotor teeth, depending on the diameter of the shaft
Scale range The numbers of teeth of the rotor shaft with a diameter equal to
0ob/min-100ob/min, 100ob/min-0ob/min-100ob/min - - 120mm 180mm 240mm 300mm
0ob/min-150ob/min, 150ob/min-0ob/min-150ob/min - 120mm 180mm 240mm 300mm -
0ob/min-200ob/min, 200ob/min-0ob/min-200ob/min - 60mm 120mm 180mm 240mm 300m
0ob/min-250ob/min, 250ob/min-0ob/min-250ob/min   60mm 120mm 180mm 240mm 300mm
0ob/min-300ob/min, 300ob/min-0ob/min-300ob/min - 60mm 120mm 180mm 240mm * 300 mm
0ob/min-400ob/min, 400ob/min-0ob/min-400ob/min 30mm 60mm 120mm 180mm * 240 mm * 300 mm
0ob/min-500ob/min, 500ob/min-0ob/min-500ob/min 30mm 60mm 120mm 180mm * 240 mm -
0ob/min-600ob/min, 600ob/min-0ob/min-600ob/min 30mm 60mm 120mm * 180 mm - A
0ob/min-800ob/min, 800ob/min-0ob/min-800ob/min 30mm 60mm * 120 mm - - -
0ob/min-1000ob/min, 1000ob/min-0ob/min-1000ob/min 30mm 60mm 120 m - - -
0ob/min-2000ob/min, 2000ob/min-0ob/min-2000ob/min 30mm 60mm - - - -
0ob/min-3000ob/min, 3000ob/min-0ob/min-3000ob/min 30mm * 60 mm   - - -
0ob/min-4000ob/min, 4000ob/min-0ob/min-4000ob/min 30mm - - - - -
@Footnote.@ By special request can be made tachometers with other ranges of indications, including those marked with an asterisk.
Overall dimensions of the converter G113 190h150h113mm, weight 3,0 kg, dimensions of the transducer R1813 226x234x112mm, weight 5.0 kg.
Mean time between failures of devices tachometer M1850 and M1619 type at least 60000ch. Tachometer transducers can operate without control, and maintenance cycles for 5000ch;
Tachometer K1803.1 GOST.

Photos K1803.1

K1803.1 device image.
K1803.1 device image.
G113 converter image.
G113 converter image.
R1813(P1813) converter image.
R1813(P1813) converter image.
M1850 tachometer device image.
M1850 tachometer device image.
M1619 tachometer device image.
M1619 tachometer device image.