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IVT-1 indicator humidity and temperature IVT-1


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Indicator moisture and temperature of IVT-1 (IVT1, IVT 1)
ICT-1 indicator of humidity and temperature is used for visual observation of the temperature and moisture determination in the temperature range +20 ° C +70 ° C.
Humidity Indicators and temperature OEM-1 consists of two thermometers with application bar graph plates, which together with the feeder mounted on a plastic base. The wick is made of chiffon or equivalent on the wettability of fabric is attached to the vessel, "wet" thermometer.

Specifications LED IVT-1

Thermometer Display range from +20°C to +70°C.
Thermometer scale value 0,5°C.
Maximum permissible error thermometers up to +1°C.
Overall dimensions of 285x115x46.
Thermometric liquid - toluene.

Preparation for the work of the indicator of humidity and temperature IVT-1

Remove the feeder from the base.
Fill the feeder with distilled water, the temperature of which is close to the temperature in the room where the humidity is determined.
Filling the feeder is made by dipping into a container of water soldered end down.
Place the feeder on the ground so that the edge of the cup feeder tank thermometer to be a minimum distance of 20 mm, and the wick is not in contact with the walls.
Install the unit indicator IVT-1 in a vertical position.

Operation IVT-1

Allow the unit in a room for at least 30 minutes.
Read the "dry" and "wet" thermometers, and the angle of view should be perpendicular to the capillaries of the indicator.
From the difference in readings of "dry" and "wet" thermometers determine moisture by the psychrometric table.

Maintenance of specific faults and troubleshooting

Indicators of IVT-1 temperature and humidity protected from falling, strong impact and low temperature 0 ° C.
Wick covering the tank thermometer should always be clean, soft and moist. Badly contaminated wick absorbs water, so it should be changed at least twice a month. Tank thermometer to wrap a cloth wick only once, with the edges of fabric can go a little bit for each other (no more than 1/4 the circumference of the tank). Once picked up a piece of cloth appropriate width, moisten it with distilled, water, and while wet wrap tightly around the tank thermometer. (The wick can be sewn on the machine).
Prepare two loops of thread, first tighten a noose at the top of the tank, and then under it. Thread under the tank to pull off is not tight, not to break the thrust of water.
Feeder should always be filled with distilled water. Water pours in advance, it is best immediately after watching or not later than half an hour before the observations.
In the operation of the instrument display IVT-1 or in transit can be observed column breaks thermometric liquid thermometer, they can be removed by gently warming the thermometer to the tank as long as the thermometric liquid does not rise to the expanded portion of the capillary and is not connected to it (the heating temperature should not exceed 80°C).

For information about storing the indicator IVT-1

The product should be stored upright in dry areas at temperatures from 0°C to 50°C.