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ISP-MG4PM Measuring the velocity and temperature ICP-MG4PM.


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Measuring the velocity and temperature ISP-MG4PM (ISPMG4PM, ISP MG4PM, ISPMG-4PM, ISPMG 4PM, ISPMG4-PM, ISPMG4 PM)
Measuring the velocity and temperature ISP-MG4PM designed to measure the average speed of the air flow direction and temperature in ventilation systems (air, ducts, conduits) of industrial and civil buildings, as well as to measure the mean wind speed and air temperature.
Unlike analog, devices have a high resolution and high accuracy for small values ​​of the air velocity.
Technical characteristics of the instrument to measure the speed and temperature of the ISP-MG4PM:
Measuring range air velocity - 1m/s-30m/s;
The range of temperature measurement - from -30 º C to +250 º C;
The main relative error rate - ± 0,1 +0,05 · V, where V - measured air speed or wind;
The basic error of temperature measurement - ± 0,5 º C;
Power supply speedometer and temperature ISP-MG4PM - from batteries "Corundum» (6F22, 6LR61) voltage 6V-9V;
Current consumption - no more May 14;
Dimensions of the device measuring the velocity and temperature ISP-MG4PM:
- Block E - 160h70h30mm;
- Converter - 300h60h30mm;
Weight of the device measuring the velocity and temperature ISP-MG4PM - not more than 0.4 kg;
Anemometers have a mode of measurement with the calculation of the air flow in ventilation systems, and provide performance measurements in monitoring mode with automatic recording of the results at intervals specified by the user;
Duration of follow - up to 24 hours;
Anemometer obtained information is archived and marked the date and time of measurement;
Memory - 99 measurements;
Anemometer-thermometer ISP-MG4PM - digital, pneumometric, portable, designed to determine the temperature and velocity of air flow in open space, velocity and temperature of the flue gas and gas-dust flows off of closed channels from stationary sources;
The device is highly reliable and is not critical to the characteristics of the controlled flow, has the ability to measure the velocities of high-temperature gas flows (up to 250 ° C), the ability to work in a dusty and corrosive environments;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument measuring the velocity and temperature ISP-MG4PM technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.