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IRB-1 (IRB 1; IRB1).
IRB-1 - Appliance radioactivity indicator for detecting increased background (gamma radiation) and beta surface contamination with radionuclides by light and sound indicator.
Operating mode: Intermittent.
Supply voltage: 6V to 9V.
Current consumption: less than 25mA.
Rated power: less than 0.23 watts.
Dimensions: 155 × 55 × 25mm.
Weight: 0.2 lbs.

IRB-1 consists of a body, at the end of which there is a window of the detector of ionizing radiation, and on the device is a power button device, an LED and connector for external power supply.
Specifications IRB-1
Indicators IRB-1 are self-powered by the cell type, "Emery". Also jack is provided for connection of the external power supply of 220V, 50Hz B112 type-I or equivalent, providing the mode of the device.
Time of continuous operation on the cell type, "Emery" no less - 24 hours.
Indicator IRB-1 allows us to estimate the level of background radiation and beta contamination does not exceed the maximum permissible limits. To do this, calculate the total number of audio signals for 7 minutes. The resulting value will correspond to the exposure rate in mR / h with an accuracy of up to 50%. Longer periods of work should be extracted from the device batteries.
IRB-1 are designed for use in ambient temperatures between +5 º C to 35 º C and a relative humidity of 80%. The device must be protected against jolts and bumps from getting into the body moisture, dust and dirt.
It is strictly forbidden to include the IRS-1 with the lid open!

Photos: IRB-1

IRB-1 device image.
IRB-1 device image.
IRB-1 front view.
IRB-1 front view.
IRB-1 side view.
IRB-1 side view.
IRB-1 back view.
IRB-1 back view.
IRB-1 overhead view.
IRB-1 overhead view.