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IRB-0,2 0,002 LED RBI-0, 2 0.002 mm lever-gear side.

IRB-0,2 0,002

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Indicator IRB-0.2 0.002 mm lever-toothed side (IRB0.2, IRB 0.2)
Indicator IRB-0.2 0.002 mm lever-toothed side is designed to measure the linear dimensions of both absolute and relative methods, as well as determine the magnitude of the deviations from the desired geometric shape between the surfaces.
Technical characteristics of the instrument lights IRB-0.2 0.002 mm lever-toothed side:
Frame size - 0mm-0,2 mm;
Scale indicator device IRB-0.2 0.002 mm lever-toothed side - 0.002 mm;
Has a scale indicator, located parallel to the axis of the measuring arm in the middle position and perpendicular to the plane of its rotation;
To mount the device indicator IRB-0.2 0.002 mm in racks or seats measuring devices are connecting groove "dovetail" and transitional rods 8mm and 5mm;
The product is indispensable for some problems of measurement;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality indicator lever-toothed side of the IRB-0.2 0.002 mm with the technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.