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Testing machine IR6055-500.0 (IR6055500.0, IR-6055-500.0, IR 6055 500.0, IR6055 500.0)
Testing machine IR6055-500.0 is designed for static testing of standard samples of metals in tension at a temperature of 20 º C ± 15 º C.
When applying this additional equipment may be a test machine for testing compression and bending.
Technical characteristics of the devices testing machine IR6055-500.0:
The highest load limit - 500kN;
Drive Type - Hydraulic;
Type siloizmeritelej instrument testing machine IR6055-500.0 - torsion;
Number of ranges load - 3;
Measuring ranges of loads:
- 10kN, 100kN;
- 200 kN, 20kN;
- 50kN, 500kN;
The range of loading rates - 0.5 kN/s-50kN/s;
Measuring range of active movement of the capture device testing machine IR6055-500.0 - 0.1 mm to 400 mm;
Working stroke of the active capture - at least 400mm;
The velocity of the active capture device testing machine IR6055 500.0 - no load - 3mm/min-120mm/min;
Limits measurement error during live load (loading) of the measured load from maximum limit values ​​for each range, but in the range of 0.1 to 0.2 of the largest value of the first range limit does not exceed the absolute permissible e