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Testing machine IR6054-200.0 (IR6054200.0, IR-6054-200.0, IR 6054 200.0, IR6054 200.0)
Testing machine IR6054-200.0 is for static testing of standard samples of metals in tension at 20 º C ± 15 º C.
In the application of additional devices to the test vehicle can be tested for compression, and bending.
Technical characteristics of the devices Testing machine IR6054-200.0:
The highest load limit - 200kN;
Drive type - Hydraulic;
Type siloizmeritelya device Testing machine IR6054-200.0 - torsion;
The number of load ranges - 3;
Measuring ranges of loads:
- 4kN-40kN;
- 10kN, 100kN;
- 20kN, 200kN;
The range of load rate - 0.2 kN/s-20kN/s;
Measuring range of movement of the active capture device Testing machine IR6054-200.0 - 0.1 mm-400mm;
Working stroke of active capture - at least 400mm;
Velocity of the active capture Testing machine IR6054 200.0 no load - 3mm/min-320mm/min;
The maximum permissible errors in the direct measurement of the load during the (loading) of the measured load, starting with the highest limit of each range, but the range of 0.1 to 0.2 the maximum limit of the first range does not exceed the absolute permissible error at 0.2 - ± 1%;
Span deflection load does not exceed the measured loads from 0.1 to the maximum limit of each range, but in the range from 0.1 to 0.2 the maximum limit of the first range does not exceed the absolute value of the scope of permissible at 0.2 - 1%;
Limit of permissible variations of reading Testing machine IR6054-200.0 (the difference between reading the forward and reverse strokes) is less than the measured loads ranging from 0.1 to the maximum limit of each range, but in the range from 0.1 to 0.2 the maximum limit value of the first range does not exceed the permissible variations in the absolute point of 0.2 - 2%;
The maximum permissible errors record load in each range of measurement of rate from 0.1 maximum limit load, but in the range from 0.1 to 0.2 the maximum limit of the first range does not exceed the absolute permissible error at 0.2 - ± 2%;
Maximum permissible error in the measurement of displacement active capture device Testing machine IR6054-200.0 in the range:
- 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm - ± 0,02 mm;
- From 1.0 mm to 340 mm - ± 2%;
Limit of acceptable error in recording movements active capture device testing machine IR6054-200.0:
- Over 30mm - ± 3%;
- Up to 30mm - ± 1 mm;
The maximum permissible errors recording the deformation of the upper limit of each range of strain gauge, determine the scope and size of the field record, expressed in an appropriate scale - ± 2%;
The limits of acceptable error of the device testing machine IR6054-200.0, while maintaining the loading rate on the stage of elastic deformation of the sample in the range of 0.2 to 0.65, the highest value of each load range of the given rate of loading - ± 20%;
The limits of acceptable change in load over 30s after the termination load changes from 0.2 maximum limit of each range - ± 1% of the variable load;
Playback range of movement device tenzokalibratora testing machine IR6054-200.0 - 0mm-25mm;
The maximum permissible errors tenzokalibratora motion playback:
- When you move up to 0.3 mm - less than ± 1,5 mm;
- If you move more than 0.3 mm - ± 0,5%;
Scale deformation records provided recorder device testing machine IR6054-200.0:
- For units with a base measuring 25 mm, measuring range 2.5 mm - 100:1, 250:1, 500:1;
- For units with a base measuring 50 mm, measuring range 5mm - 50:1, 125:1, 250:1;
- For units with a base measuring 100 mm, measuring range 10mm - 25:1, 62,5:1, 125:1;
Scale recording movements active capture device testing machine IR6054-200.0 - from 1:1 to 50:1;
Nominal dimensions of length coordinate recording chart:
- The coordinates of X (displacement, strain) - not less than 350 mm;
- Coordinates Y (load) - 250mm;
Usable height appliance testing machine IR6054-200.0 with a tensile test, including the installation and stroke grabs - at least 420 mm;
The width of the workspace - 400mm;
Range of captured samples:
- Cylindrical - the diameter of 5 mm-20 mm;
- Flat - 0.5 mm thick, 25 mm;
- With the head - the diameter of 8mm-20mm;
Power settings tool testing machine IR6054-200.0 - 380V, 50Hz;
Power consumption - 2.5 kW;
Oil Capacity - 50 liters;
Dimensions - 1940h710h2170mm;
Mass of explosive devices testing machine IR6054-200.0 - less than 1300kg;
The working space of the testing machine allows the heat and cryochamber and produce mechanical testing various components and parts;
Provides a record of the chart in the coordinates: the load-displacement, load-deformation, load-time, displacement-time, strain-time;
The unit of measurement instrument testing machine IR6054-200.0 has access to the external connector The twelve binary code corresponding to the load and displacement;
Load measurement is carried out on a sample of the pressure in the working cylinder with torsion siloizmereniya;
For displacement active capture device testing machine IR6054-200.0 by means of displacement transducer, which converts the movement of rail-related walking beam into an electrical signal induced in millimeters;
Control speed deviation from the desired load by means of displacement transducer and the indicator to show the deviation of the actual percentage rate of loading of the preset adjuster;
Recording chart is performed using a recording device;
In the base unit testing machine IR6054-200.0 provides tensile test:
- Cylindrical samples of type IV № 2-6;
- Cylindrical samples with head Type III № 2-5;
- Cylindrical samples of type UP № 1-4;
- Flat samples of types I, II № 1-23;
- Samples of 0.5 mm thickness, 3 mm;
- Hot-rolled steel round - diameter 5mm-30mm;
- Calibrated round steel - diameter 5mm-30mm;
- Calibrated round steel with special surface finish - diameter 5mm-30mm;
- Hot-rolled steel square - square side 5mm-25mm;
- Have a calibrated square - square side 5mm-25mm;
- Hot-rolled strip steel:
- Thickness - 4mm-22mm;
- Width - up to 30 mm;
- Pipes:
- Dimeter - 8mm-30mm;
- Wall thickness - 0.5 mm-2, 5 mm;
- Reinforcing steel - diameter 8mm-30mm;
- Samples of type II, III, XII, XIII, H1U, XY, HU1, seventeenth, eighteenth, H1H, XXY testing of welded joints:
- Diameter - 5mm-30mm;
- Thickness - 1mm-25mm;
- Hardness of samples up to 42 HRC;
Testing machine provides:
- Deformation of the samples to destruction;
- Measurement of the load, displacement and deformation of the active capture (with Manning machines with strain gauges);
- Maintenance of the loading rate;
- Record the load moving active capture and strain;
- Electrical output to a computer or digital printing of the load and displacement of the active capture.
In the apparatus testing machine IR6054-200.0 are:
- The device is loaded with hydraulic slips;
- Control, including the installation of a pump, electric equipment, torsion siloizmeritel, the unit of measurement, the instrument recording the two coordinate N307 / 1;
- Replacement Parts Kit, a set of tools and accessories, spare parts;
Optionally the device testing machine IR6054-200.0 can be equipped with:
- Adjusted NB 2.279.007-01 mechanical test samples for a single bending (bending) of welded joints, pipes, samples of metals and metal products;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device testing machine IR6054 200.0-technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

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IR6054-200.0 machine image.
IR6054-200.0 machine image.