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IR 5047-50-10 IR tearing machine 5047-50-10.

IR 5047-50-10

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Breaking Machine IR 5047-50-10 (IR5047-50-10, IR-5047-50-10, IR 5047-5010, IR 504750-10)
Breaking Machine is designed IR 5047-50-10 samples for testing of plastics, rubber, ferrous and nonferrous metals (including wire and tape, using special hooks), and other materials and products in tension, compression and bending.
Breaking devices installed machine IR 5047-50-10 on antivibration mountings, special foundation is required.
Technical characteristics of explosive devices IR 5047-50-10:
Maximum limit load - 50kN;
Limits of measurement error in the load range of loads up to 50kN of 2kN - ± 1%;
Speed ​​of movement of the active capture device breaking machine IR 5047-50-10 - 0.1 mm / min to 100mm/min;
Speed ​​of movement of the active capture (two bands, 24 fixed rate) - 0.5 mm / min to and from 500mm/min 80mm/min to 800mm/min;
The nominal unit price of the smallest category of device rupture machine IR 5047-50-10:
- For load indication - 1H;
- When measuring the displacement of the active capture - 0.01 mm;
The course traverses the mobile device breaking machine without IR 5047-50-10 grips - 800mm;
The width of the workspace - 400mm;
Maximum power - 1.05 kW;
Power supply breaking machine IR 5047-50-10 - 380V, 50Hz;
Overall dimensions
- Installation Test - 900h840h2030mm;
- Instrument stand - 1305h585h790mm;
Weight of the device breaking machine IR 5047-50-10:
- Installation Test - 330kg;
- Instrument stand - 100 kg;
Completeness of the apparatus main rupture machine IR 5047-50-10:
- Test set;
- Instrument stand;
- Control of the operator (microprocessor) TO-3;
- V-grips;
- Tensoresistance strength meter;
- Printer (model IR 5047-50-10)
- Software and hardware (models IR 5047-50-11)
Additional supply of the device breaking machine IR 5047-50-10:
- Universal wedge grips ZKU-50KT;
- Means for bending test OL-50I and compression PR-50C;
- Measuring deformation of IDN-0, 5/50;
- The system temperature testing;
- Dynamometers exemplary DOSM DORM-3-3 for testing;
Appliance breaking machine IR 5047-50-10 determined the following characteristics of the mechanical properties of materials:
Ultimate strength,
Percentage elongation
Contraction ratio
- The true tensile strength;
Explosive devices machine IR 5047-50-10 test results give the protocol;
Machine Model 5047-50-11 AIR allows programming methods to determine the yield stress conditioned (sigma 0.2) and the physical, the modulus of elasticity;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine IR 5047-50-10 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.