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IP 5158-1.0 Tearing machine IP 5158-1,0.

IP 5158-1.0

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Breaking Machine IP 5158-1,0 (IP5158-1,0, IP-5158-1,0)
Breaking Machine IP 5158-1,0 designed to determine the deformation and strength characteristics of various materials.
The machine is equipped with silent, torque, precision, gearless drive.
Performance - a desktop.
Technical characteristics of the devices bursting machine IP 5158-1,0:
Type siloizmereniya - tensoresistance;
Maximum limit load - 1.0 kN;
The range of measurement error in the loading of 1% - 40-1000 of the measured value;
Speed ​​of movement of the active capture device breaking machine IP 5158-1,0 - from 1mm/min to 500mm/min;
Speed ​​deviation from the set - no more than ± 5%;
Scale unit tensile machine IP 5158-1,0 measuring movement - 1 mm;
The height of the workspace, without the grips and fixtures - 800mm;
Consumed by the device breaking machine IP 5158-1,0 power - 0.2 kW;
Dimensions - 650h500h1200mm:
Weight of the device breaking machine IP 5158-1,0 - 100 kg;
Types of tests conducted by the unit tensile machine IP 5158-1,0:
- Stretching;
- Compression;
- Other types of tests with the necessary adaptations;
The test instrument tensile machine IP 5158-1,0 materials:
* Pulp and paper indusry
- Polymer film;
- Textiles, yarns;
- Tires, cords, wires;
- Foil;
- Construction and insulation materials and products;
- Metals and other materials within the technical capabilities of the machine;
The device IP 5158-1,0 breaking machine provides the mathematical processing of test results and gives the display the following information:
- The maximum load, N;
- Specific tensile strength, kN / m (kgf / mm);
- Failure load, N;
- The index of the tensile strength;
- Tensile strength, MPa (kg / mm 2);
- The arithmetic mean;
Percentage elongation
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine IP 5158-1,0 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.