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IO 5003-0,3-10 Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10.

IO 5003-0,3-10

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Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10 (IO50030,310, IO-5003-0,3-10, IO 5003 0,3 10, IO5003 0,3-10)
Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10 designed to test samples of metals and alloys, double-seat bend Charpy method.
Technical characteristics of the devices copra pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10:
The largest store of potential energy - 300Dzh;
Store of potential energy replacement pendulum pendulum IO device Koper IO 5003-0,3-10 - 150Dzh;
Measuring range of energies - 15Dzh-120Dzh;
Graduation analog reading device IO device Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10 - 0.5 J;
Maximum permissible absolute error on the analog readout device - ± 1,5 J;
Tolerance store of potential energy of the pendulum from the nominal value - ± 0,5%;
Speed ​​of the pendulum device IO 5003-0,3-10 Koper pendulum at impact - 5 m / s ± 0,5 m / s;
Maximum power consumption - 0.38 kW;
Power - AC 380V, 50Hz and from the compressed air at a pressure of 0.35 MPa to 1.0 MPa;
Dimensions of the device IO 5003-0,3-10 pile driver pendulum with guard-2100h800h1620mm;
- Device - no more than 750 kg;
- Instrument rack - no more than 25 kg;
The appliance is installed Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10 on the foundation;
The rise of the pendulum in the up position (fixed charge given angle of the pendulum) is performed automatically by a pneumatic device;
The result of tests of the device IO 5003-0,3-10 Koper pendulum (the amount of energy expended in the destruction of the sample) is fixed on the analog scale;
The apparatus Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10:
- Instrument rack;
Additional delivery device Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10:
- Compressor, cold chamber CMC-1M;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument Koper pendulum IO 5003-0,3-10 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.