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     INTs voltage indicator (I N Ts, I.N.TS)
    The voltage indicator INTs - Digital device for determining the DC and AC circuits electro brakes (EPI), places open or opening an electrical circuit on any car in the wires of number 1 and number 2.
    Current consumption - no more than 200mA.
    The input voltage range of AC and DC - 25V - 60V.

    Overall dimensions of the unit:
    - Blade contact - no more than 202 × 74 × 32mm;
    - Magnetic contact - Ø66 × 22mm.
    Weight - no more than 0.35 kg.

The principle of operation INTs

    INTs  pointer device positioned between the movable contacts the grounded side of the head arms blade terminal to the car inspected.
    BLADE ISC opens the central movable contacts of the two coupled heads. Magnetic contact is connected to the rail ("ground"). The voltage value is displayed on the seven-segment displays.
    Specifications INTs

    INTs uses the power meter from the power supply Epps.
    Pointer INTs should work with either polarity of input voltage and an input voltage AC frequency from 400Hz to 700Hz. 

Photos: INTs

INTs device image.
INTs device image.