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Gas analyzer Infrakar-A-02 - portable device for determining the carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons in the exhaust of gasoline engines and small boats to measure engine speed.


Also this device can be called: Infrakar A 02; Infrakar-A02; Infrakar A-02.


    Measuring ranges:
    - Analyzer - CO - 0 - 7% CH - 0 - 3000mln -1;
    - Tachometer - 0 - 6000rpm.
    Power supply - 12V/220V.    
    Power consumption - less than 18W.
    Dimensions - 280 × 320 × 170mm.
    Weight - 7kg.
    Structural features Infrakar-A-02

    Displays readings - LED, digit height - 14mm.
    Gas analyzer Infrakar-A-02 has an automatic condensate drain and purge zero by the second compressor. The devices have built-in printer with real-time clock (Model 10.02). Communication with the PC is via RS-232.

    Specifications Infrakar-A-02

    Gas analyzers Infrakar-A-02 allow for error in the measurements:
    - Channel CO - ± 6%;
    - Channel CH ± 6%;
    - Tachometer - ± 2,5%.
    Warm-up time is less than 30 minutes at a temperature of +20 ᵒ C. Setting time analyzer Infrakar-A-02-no more than 30 seconds.
    Gas analyzers Infrakar-A-02 stand MTBF of 10,000 hours, while the life of the unit is 10 years old.

Photos: Infrakar-A-02

Infrakar-A-02 device image.
Infrakar-A-02 device image.
Infrakar-A-02 rear view.
Infrakar-A-02 rear view.

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