Needs and purchase of LLC "Zakhidprylad":

Buy new / used equipment, radio components, ZIPy, technical descriptions and albums schemes.

Attention to equipment suppliers:
- On 05/11/12 the purchasing department in Moscow is open 7 days a week, and on Saturdays at radio "Mitino".
- On 11/09/12 update the list of purchased goods 1 time per week.
- Purchasing prices for all relevant equipment for one month, then may change depending on supply and demand in the market.



buy adapters, parts and accessories etc.



Buy sockets, plugs (08.06.2018):


Sockets RPN23-3GS

Sockets RPN23-3G

Sockets RPN23-10G

Plugs RPN23-3HS

Sockets RPN23-5G2

Sockets RPN23-5G2S

Sockets RPN23-5G

Plugs РПН23-5ShS

Plugs RPN23-5SH2S

Plugs RPN23-10SH

Plugs RPN23-5SH

Plugs РПН23-10ShS

Sockets RPN23-5GS

Sockets RPN23-10GS

Plugs RPN23-3SH


Sockets RPN23-3G-B

buy Rosettes RPN23-3G-B


Plugs РПН23-3Sh-В

Plugs RPN23-5SH2

Plugs SHK-4h15

Sockets SHK-4h15


Plugs ShK-4x25

buy plugs ShK-4x25


Sockets SHK-4x25

Plugs ShK-4x60

Sockets SHK-4x60

Plugs ShShch-4х15

Sockets Shh-4h15

Plugs ShShch-4х25


Sockets ShShch-4x25

buy Sockets Shch-4x25


Plugs ShShch-4х60

Sockets ShShch-4x60

Sockets ShShch-4x60



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