Needs and purchase of LLC "Zakhidprylad":

Buy new / used equipment, radio components, ZIPy, technical descriptions and albums schemes.

Attention to equipment suppliers:
- On 05/11/12 the purchasing department in Moscow is open 7 days a week, and on Saturdays at radio "Mitino".
- On 11/09/12 update the list of purchased goods 1 time per week.
- Purchasing prices for all relevant equipment for one month, then may change depending on supply and demand in the market.



buy adapters, parts and accessories etc.



Buy equipment for vehicle inspection (used for own laboratory) (28.07.2017):


Braking stands STM-3000, STM-3500, STM-10000, STM-13000, STM-15000, STM-16000, STM-18000 200000-600000rubl 80000-120000uah

buy Brake stands STM-15000


Technical inspection lines LTK-S, LTK-P, LTK-M, LTK-MB 400000-1500000rub 160000-600000uah

Luft-detectors LD-4000, LD-16000 25000-65000rub 10000-26000uah


Photometers IPF-01, TF-01 11000-26000rub 5200-10400uah

buy Photometer IPF-01


Measuring light transmittance of tinted glass TONIC 6000-12000rub 2400-4800uah

Buy Tint glass light transmitters TONIC


Luxmeters Luxe IS-2 and others 3000-6000rub 1200-2400uah


Lifftmers ISL-M, ISL-M.01 6000-12000rub 2400-4800uah

buy Lifftmers ISL-M


Gas analyzers AVTOTEST-02.02P, AUTOTEST-01.03, AUTOTEST-01.02, AUTOTEST-01.04 and other models 12000-36000rub 4800-14400uah

buy Gas analyzers AVTOTEST-02.02P


Gas analyzers Infrakar M-2T.02, Kedr-1A and other models 7500-50000rub 3000-20000uah

buy gas analyzers Infrakar M-2T.02


Smokemeters META-01MP 0.1 LTK, META-01MP 02, META-01MP 0.1 and other 12000-20000rub 4800-8000uah

Buy Smokemeters META-01MP 0.1 LTK


Smokemeters Infrakar D 1-3.02 LTK and other models 10000-25000rub 4000-10000uah

Buy Smoke gauges Infrared D 1-3.02 LTK


Thermal printers MTP-55 2000-4000rub 800-1600uah


Instruments Effect-02 10000-20000rub 4000-8000uah

buy Devices Effect-02


Hardware for data transfer between devices via the LTK-RK radio channel 5000-10000rub 2000-4000 UAH


Leak Detectors TM-META 3000-6000rub 1200-2400uah

buy Leak detectors TM-META


Load cells M100 6000-12000rub 2400-4800uah


Sound level meters:

Testo-815 5000-10000rub 2000-4000uah

Buy Sound Level Meters Testo-815

Testo-816 10000-20000rub 4000-8000uah


Breathalyzer AKPE-01 9000-18000rub 3600-7200uah

Buy Breathalyzer AKPE-01


And other devices manufactured by NPA "META", LLC "Alpha Dynamics" and other manufacturers of equipment for maintenance.



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