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    LLC "Zapadpribor" - a leading company engaged in the sale and service of measuring instruments.

    Panel Meters: ammeters, voltmeters, power meters, frequency meters, phase meters, synchroscopes, shunts, additional resistors and transformers to them.

    Electrical meters: breakdown installation, auto-transformers, ohmmeters, webermeters, teslameters, galvanometer, light meters, measuring tension.

    Metrology Equipment: calibrators, comparators, testing installations, measures and boxes, measuring bridges, normal elements.

    Radiomeasuring devices: oscilloscopes, voltmeters, frequency and frequency standards, generators, spectrum analyzers, meters RLC, frequency response analyzer.

     Equipment for inspection: LLC "ZAPADPRIBOR" - the official dealer troh largest manufacturers of equipment for inspection - NPF "META", ZAO "AlFA-DINAMIKA Khimavtomatika" TM "INFRAKAR», "Unimetal Sp. Z o.o.". Always in stock: tester, sound level meter, gas analyzer, smoke meter, lyuftomer, the photometer, and other devices.

    Dosimeters and radiometers (Pripyat, Terra, DP-5V, Bella) breathalyzer, alcometers.

    And as always in stock motors, synchros, rotary transformers, KIPiA, radiocomponents, dynamometers, measuring tools.


169 999 RUB  |  84 999 UAH  |  available: 3 pieces
    Установка У5052 (У 5052, У-5052)
    Предназначена для наладки и проверки простых релейных защит и элементов электроавтоматики на месте их установки на электростанциях, подстанциях и промышленных предприятиях или в лабораториях.
    Состоит из двух блоков - К513, К514

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1 062 RUB   531 RUB  |  531 UAH   266 UAH  |  available: 600 pieces
Stretching to the measuring instruments T0, 28.
Растяжки к измерительным приборам Г0,28 (Г0.28, Г-0,28, Г-0.28, ПлСр0,28, ПлСр0.28, ПлСр-0,28, ПлСр-0.28, ПлСрМ0,28, ПлСрМ0.28, ПлСрМ-0,28, ПлСрМ-0.28), Taut suspensions, Rubans de suspension, Spannbander
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69 999 RUB  |  34 999 UAH  |  available: 7 pieces
43205 teslameter device image.
Universal digital teslameter 43205
     Designed to measure:
     - radial component of constant magnetic field induction (0-1500mT, ± 0.5%)
     - radial component of sinusoidal RMS form of alternating magnetic field (0-100mT, ± 4%);
     - axial component of constant field induction (0-19.99 mT, ± 2.5%)).

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26 067 RUB   13 034 RUB  |  13 034 UAH   6 517 UAH  |  available: 152 pieces
TS1420 front view (scale).
Ammeter C1420, C1420 voltmeter, milliammeter C1420, C1420 kiloampermetr, kilovoltmeter C1420 (C 1420, C-1420)
Designed to measure voltage in AC networks 50Hz and 400Hz marine power plants, as well as for use in locomotives.
Dimensions - 80h80h166mm.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Vibration, shock-resistant, vibration resistant, splash-proof.

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