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    LLC "Zapadpribor" - a leading company engaged in the sale and service of measuring instruments.

    Panel Meters: ammeters, voltmeters, power meters, frequency meters, phase meters, synchroscopes, shunts, additional resistors and transformers to them.

    Electrical meters: breakdown installation, auto-transformers, ohmmeters, webermeters, teslameters, galvanometer, light meters, measuring tension.

    Metrology Equipment: calibrators, comparators, testing installations, measures and boxes, measuring bridges, normal elements.

    Radiomeasuring devices: oscilloscopes, voltmeters, frequency and frequency standards, generators, spectrum analyzers, meters RLC, frequency response analyzer.

     Equipment for inspection: LLC "ZAPADPRIBOR" - the official dealer troh largest manufacturers of equipment for inspection - NPF "META", ZAO "AlFA-DINAMIKA Khimavtomatika" TM "INFRAKAR», "Unimetal Sp. Z o.o.". Always in stock: tester, sound level meter, gas analyzer, smoke meter, lyuftomer, the photometer, and other devices.

    Dosimeters and radiometers (Pripyat, Terra, DP-5V, Bella) breathalyzer, alcometers.

    And as always in stock motors, synchros, rotary transformers, KIPiA, radiocomponents, dynamometers, measuring tools.

Brake Tester STM-15000U.01 + 5 000$ as a GIFT (a set of devices for State technical inspection).

1 590 000 RUB  |  available: 2 pieces
STM-15000U.01 (CTM-15000U.01) roller brake tester.

Universal roller brake tester STM 15000U.01 is designed to measure all the parameters of the brake system of all types of vehicles with an axle load of 18 000 kg - all passenger, all-wheel drive, vans, buses, trucks and other, including heavy .
Measuring range of the braking force at each wheel axle checked - from 0 kN to 40 kN.
Measuring range effort on the control - from 0 N to 1000 N.
Range of weight measurement axis - from 0 kg to 18 000 kg.
Measuring range brake system response time - from 0 seconds to 2 seconds.

     Brake stands series STM-15000U.01 staffed monolithic type rollers with spikes cut-out (do not require periodic renewal or "welding on"), the factory warranty on the rollers of this type 12 years!

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1 820 RUB   910 RUB  |  910 UAH   455 UAH  |  available: 2 640 pieces
E365 front view (scale).
    E365 ammeter, voltmeter E365, E365 milliammeter, kiloampermetr E365, E365 kilovoltmeter (E-365, E 365)
    Designed to measure voltage and current in AC circuits.
    Manufacturer: Russia. Not China!
    Dimensions - 120h120h50mm, 120h120h116mm.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.

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25 615 RUB   12 808 RUB  |  12 808 UAH   6 404 UAH  |  available: 164 pieces
M1620 front view (scale).

     M1620 ammeter, voltmeter M1620 (M 1620, M-1620; m1620; m 1620; m-1620)
     M1620 ammeter, voltmeter M1620 - measurement of voltage and current in DC, as well as non-electrical quantities converted to a DC signal or voltage.
     Accuracy class - 1.5.
     - Current - 0.5 mA - 20 mA, 30A - 7.5 kA;
     - Voltage - 10V - 1500V.

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Shunt 75SHSM

767 RUB   384 RUB  |  384 UAH   192 UAH  |  available: 2 455 pieces
Shunt 75ShSM 75A shunts image.
Shunt measuring steady 75SHSM (75-SHSM, 75 SHSM)
Designed for the extension of the limits of measuring DC ammeters and counters Cove ampere-hours;
Accuracy class - 0.5;
Rated current - 75A-7500A;
Nominal Impedance - 10 mkOm mkOm-1000.

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20 337 RUB  |  6 101 UAH  |  available: 43 pieces
    Динамометр ДПУ общего назначения
    Предназначен для измерения статических растягивающих усилий.
    Пределы измерений:
     - наименьший - 0,10кН (10кгс)
     - наибольший - 500кН (50000кгс, 50тс)
    Цена деления шкалы - 0,001кН (0,1кгс); 0,002кН (0,2кгс); 0,005кН (0,5кгс); 0,010кН (1кгс); 0,020кН (2кгс); 0,050кН (5кгс); 0,05кН (5кгс); 0,1кН (10кгс); 0,2кН (0,02тс); 0,2кН (20кгс); 0,5кН (0,05тс); 0,5кН (50кгс); 1,0кН (100кгс); 1кН (0,1тс); 1кН (100кгс); 2,0кН (200кгс); 5,0кН (500кгс)
    Пределы допускаемой основной приведенной погрешности ±1%, ±2%.

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3 019 RUB   2 718 RUB  |  1 509 UAH   1 359 UAH  |  available: 717 pieces
RD-09 front view.
RD-09 motor is asynchronous (RD09, RD 09)
Gear ratio - 1 / 670, 1 / 478, 1 / 268, 1/137, 1 / 76, 56, 1 / 39, 06, 1 / 15, 62, 1 / 6, 25;
Voltage field supply - 127V, 12.70 in, 127V-19, 05V;
The frequency and direction of rotation of the output shaft gear at idle - no less than 1.75 r / min, 2.5 r / min, 4.4 r / min, 8.7 r / min, 15.5 r / min, 30ob/min, 76ob/min , 185ob/min.

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АОМН-40-220-75Y4 (АОМН-40-220-75У4)

75 999 RUB  |  available: 9 pieces
AOMN-40-220-75U4 device image.
   Autotransformer АОМН-40-220-75Y4 (АОМН 40-220-75Y4, АОМН40-220-75Y4, АОМN 40-220-75U4, АОМN40-220-75U4)

   Designed for AC voltage smooth control with industrial frequency 50 Hz.
   Nominal primary voltage 127V/220V
   Secondary voltage regulation limit at idle 0-240V
   Nominal current load 24A/40A
   Nominal frequency 50 Hz
   Quantity of phases 1

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VN-2V (BH-2B)

available: 199 pieces
VN-2V (BH-2B) fan image.
Fan VN-2V (VN2V, VN 2V, BN 2-V, VN2 V)
Fan VN-2V (Ukraine, 2018y.m.) designed for cooling heat-generating components and reduce the temperature inside the housing of electronic devices and other industrial devices.

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34 999 RUB  |  17 499 UAH  |  available: 36 pieces
S1-83 (C1-83) device image.

Oscilloscope S1-83 universal (S183, S-1-83, S 1 83, c1-83, S-183, S 183, S1 83, c183, c-1-83, c 1 83, c-183, c 1183, c1 83)

Designed for visual observation and study of the electrical signals in the frequency range of 5MHz 0MGts-by: measuring the amplitude and time parameters of the signal, simultaneous images of the two investigated signals on a single scan, the image of the functional dependence between the two signals in the mode of XY;
Bandwidth - 0MGts-5MHz;
Coefficient of variation - is adjustable with an overlap of not less than 2.5 times;
Sweep - 0.5 ms / div., 1mks/div., 2mks/div., 5mks/div., 10mks/div., 10mks/div., 20mks/div., 50mks/div., 100mks/div., 200mks/div., 500mks/div., 1∙103 s / div., 2∙103 ms / div., 5∙103 ms / div., 1∙10 ms / div., 2∙104 ms / div., 5∙104 ms / div., 1∙105 ms / div., 2∙105 ms / div., 5∙105 ms / div., 1∙106 ms / div., 2 ∙ 2∙106 ms / div., 5∙106 ms / div.;
Effective screen - 120x100;
Dimensions - 438x303x200mm;
Weight - 10kg.

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ВТ-5 ЛШ3.010.527

2 999 RUB  |  2 999 UAH  |  available: 20 pieces
ВТ-5 ЛШ3.010.527 device image.

ВТ-5 ЛШ3.010.527 трансформатор вращающийся предназначен для работы в электромеханических счетно-решающих устройствах, следящих системах, а также в качестве первичного датчика в цифровых преобразователях.

Номинальная частота - 400 Гц.

Диапазон рабочих частот - от 400 Гц до 4 кГц.

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4 594 RUB   2 297 RUB  |  2 297 UAH   1 149 UAH  |  available: 52 pieces
SOSpr-2b-2-000 stopwatch image.
Stopwatch SOSpr-2b-2-000 (SOSpr2b2000, SOSpr 2b 2000, SOSpr-2b-2000)
Designed to measure time in minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds;
Accuracy class - 2;
Margin of error for 10 minutes - ± 0,6 s;
Margin of error for 60 minutes - ± 1,8 s.

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9 999 RUB  |  4 999 UAH  |  available: 19 pieces
DP-5V dose rate measurers.

Meter dose (roentgenometer, dosimeter) DP-5V (DP5V, DP 5, DP-5-B, DP5-B In DP5, DP 5B, DP5, JP-5, JP 5) performed in moisture, dust-proof, frost, shock-proof housing.
        Dose rate meters (roentgenometer, dosimeter) DP-5V (DP5V, DP 5, DP-5-B, DP5-B In DP5, DP 5B, DP5, JP-5, JP 5) performed in moisture, dust-proof, frost, shock-proof housing.
     Is a device for professional use.
     Designed for the liquidators of accidents at nuclear power plants, defense and military headquarters.
     Can be used throughout both industrial (check scrap, berries and mushrooms, minerals), and for domestic purposes (check food items, goods, transport, buildings).
     Lifetime - at least 25,000 hours.
     Lifetime DP-5B - at least 15 years.
     Measuring range for gamma radiation from 0 to 0,05mr / h and from 0,05mR / h up to 200p / h in the energy range from 0,084MeV (170Tm) to 1,25MeV (60Co).
     One of the main advantages of dosimeters DP-5V over other radiometers and dosimeters household is a built-in source control calibration signal B-8.
     With this calibrator, the user may at any time to check the dosimeter DP-5 on the serviceability and accuracy. Ie persons in a contaminated area or when checking radiation levels can be 100% sure that his dosimeter defective, and not just something shows. To do this, you need to compare readings in calibration mode with the number specified in the passport verification instrument after another.

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19 999 RUB   13 999 RUB  |  6 999 UAH  |  available: 55 pieces
M2044 device image.

Voltammeter M2044 (M2044, M-2044)
Used to measure current and voltage in DC.
The final value ranges:
Current - 0.75 mA, 1.5 mA, 3mA, 7.5 mA, 15mA, 30mA, 75mA, 150mA, 300mA, 750mA, 1500mA, 3000mA, 7.5A, 15A, 30A
Voltage - 15mV, 30mV, 60mV, 75mV, 150mV, 300mV, 075 V, 1.5 V, 3.0 V, 7.5 V, 15.0 V, 30.0 V, 75.0 V, 150.0 V, 300.0 in , 150.0 B 300.0 B 600.0 B
Acceptable basic error limit for all ranges of measurements is ± 0,2%.

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SMV 11

88 999 RUB  |  44 499 UAH  |  available: 13 pieces
SMV 11 microvoltmeters image.
Microvoltmeter SMV 11 (SMV-11, SMV11, СМВ 11, СМВ-11, СМВ11)
Microvoltmeter SMV11 is a selective single-receiver for frequencies from 9kHz to 30MHz.
Is used for selective high-frequency sinusoidal voltage measurements - (from -20 dB mkV to +125 dB mkV).
The device measures the figurative impulsive voltage noise of the following types:
quasi-peak value «QP», the peak value «P», the effective value «RMS».
Has an output for generator Ri = 50Ohm, EMF = 100 dB mkV.

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1 699 RUB   1 099 RUB  |  1 099 UAH  |  available: 130 pieces
BD-1404 front view.
    Бесконтактный сельсин БД-1404 (БД1404, БД 1404)
    Габаритные размеры:
     - длина - 119мм;
     - диаметр - 67мм;
    Режим работы - трансформаторный и индикаторный;
    Назначение сельсина - датчик;
    Напряжение питания - 110В±5,5В;
    Частота питающей сети - 50Гц±1,5Гц.

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39 530 RUB   19 765 RUB  |  19 765 UAH   9 883 UAH  |  available: 129 pieces
N3092 (H3092) front view (scale).

N3092 ammeter, voltmeter N3092 (N 3092, N-3092, n3092, n 3092, n-3092)
Designed for continuous measurement and recording values ​​of current and voltage in DC circuits. The devices are designed for general industrial applications.
The limit of acceptable basic error of the instrument for measuring and recording the measured value is equal to: ± 1,0% of the final value of the measuring range.
Dimensions, not more 160h160h250mm.

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Y300 (У300)

118 999 RUB  |  59 499 UAH  |  available: 7 pieces
Y300 (У300) aggregate image.
Aggregate Y300 (Y-300, Y300, U-300, U300)
Designed for AC and DC ammeters and voltmeters verification in a way of comparison of verificated devices with readings of exemplary devices in accuracy classes of 0.2 and less.

Nominal value of DC output voltage: 0.15V-1000V; current 0.1A-50A
Nominal value of AC output voltage: 0.5V-1000V; current 0.1A-300A

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Gas analyzer Avtotest-02.02P 1 + 12 560 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for TI, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

62 800 RUB  |  available: 6 pieces
AUTOTEST-02.02P automobile gas analyzer device image.
    Automotive gas analyzer Autotest-02.02P 1 class accuracy (AVTOTEST0202P, Autotest 02 02P, Autotest-02-02P, Autotest-0202P, AVTOTEST-02.02, AVTOTEST0202, AVTOTEST, AVTOTEST-02-02, AVTOTEST-0202)
    Included in the recommended list of equipment for the station for public inspection vehicles.
    Measurement of oil temperature, CO, CH , CO2 , and O2. Automatic calculation of the excess air ratio (λ - parameter ). Tachometer sensor. Two alphanumeric display. Exit to the PC RS- 232, work with the software "Autotest". Work on the LTK and motortestorami. The ability to connect remote scoreboard. Avtosliv condensate. Automatic shut-off test. Autocorrect. Built-in thermal printer.
    4-component gas analyzer accuracy class 1 CO-CH -CO2- O2 with the calculation of λ- parameter and a built-in thermal printer.

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Opacimeter META-01MP 0.1 LTK + 6 880 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

34 400 RUB  |  available: 4 pieces
META -01MP 0.1 LTK opacimeter delivery set.
    Opacimeter META-01MP 0.1 LTK (META01MPLTK, META-01MP-0.1-LTC, META 01MP 0.1 LTK, LTK META01MP 0.1, META 01MP0.1LTK, META01 MP 0.1 LTK, meta-01, meta01, meta 01TK)
    Designed to measure the opacity of exhaust gases of diesel engines of cars during the inspection.

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Opacimeter Infrakar D 1-3.02 LTK + 10 180 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

50 900 RUB  |  available: 4 pieces
Infrakar D 1-3.02 LTK opacimeter image.
Opacimeter Infrakar LTK D 1-3.02 (D1302LTK, D 1 3.2 LTK, D-1-3.02-LTK, LTK D 2.13, D 1-302 LTK, LTK-3.02 D1, D1-302-LTC, R1 302 LTC)
Optical base 0.43 m / RS-232 / Remote Remote / Tachometer / Oil temperature / Auto-tuning samples for zero / Printer.
Designed to measure the opacity of exhaust gases of diesel automobile engines.

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52 999 RUB  |  26 499 UAH  |  available: 23 pieces
VShV-003 sound level meter.
    Noise and Vibration Meter VSHV-003, Sound Level Meter VSHV-003 (VSHV003, VSHV 003)
    Included in the recommended list of equipment for workshops for the public inspection of vehicles.
    Please note: only suitable for sound level meter VSHV inspection on all parameters (measuring range 22dB-140dB, accuracy class 1%)!.

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Dynamometer PPNR-100

27 000 RUB   24 300 RUB  |  13 499 UAH  |  available: 3 pieces
PPNR-100 dynamometer.
Dynamometer PPNR-100 to check belt tension (PPNR100, PPNR 100)
It is intended to check whether the belt tension in the manufacture of automobiles, works of maintenance and repair, as well as control osmotrovyh and review the technical condition of vehicles for technical inspection.

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Brake tester STM-3500MN + 2 500$ as a GIFT (a set of devices for State checkup).

577 500 RUB  |  available: 2 pieces
STM-3500MN (CTM-3500MH) roller brake tester.

Mobile Low Profile Roller brake tester STM-3500MN is designed to measure all the parameters of the braking system with axle load up to 3 500 kg - cars, four-wheel drive, vans and small trucks.


With a minimum weight of the roller units (a total of 170 kg), small size and capabilities of autonomous power supply from diesel generator currently stand - ideal for smaller stations and mobile point checkup!


Is unparalleled in its class!


Guarantee to cover the roller 12 years.

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Luxmeter TONIK + 5 960 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

29 800 RUB  |  available: 2 pieces
TONIC measurer light transmission glass, taumeter.
    Transmittance meter glass Tonic, Tonic luxmeter
    Advantages: high accuracy, minimum dimension, self-calibration, connect with your computer.
    Included in the recommended list of equipment for service for public inspection.

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Measurer Effekt-02 + 11 100 RUB. a GIFT (devices for maintenance, breathalyzer, radiation ...)

55 500 RUB  |  available: 6 pieces
Effect-02 measuring effectiveness of the braking systems device image.
Gauge the effectiveness of braking Effect-02 road test (Effekt02, Effect 02, Effekt-02 Effekt02, Effekt 02-Efekt 02, Efekt02, Efekt 02)
Designed to measure the effectiveness of braking systems by the road test.

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Backlash meter ISL-M + 6 300 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

31 500 RUB  |  available: 3 pieces
ISL-M lyuftomer.
     Lyuftomer ISL-M (ISLM, ISL M)
     Meter total backlash steering GOST 51 709, self-powered (Li-ion), a graphical display, with the work in the LTC, with verification.
     Included in the recommended list of equipment for service and equipment for public inspection of vehicles.

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Photometer IPF-01 + 12 900 RUB. as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

64 500 RUB  |  available: 8 pieces
IPF-01 photometer.
Measuring parameters headlights IPF-01, regloskop IPF-01, IPF-01 photometer (IPF01, IAP 01)
To control the technical condition of the external lighting system during the inspection in accordance with DSTU 3649-97.
Measuring the angles of the light beam car headlights.
Measuring the intensity of external lighting fixtures.
Measuring the time from the direction indicators before the first glimmer.
Measurement of the repetition rate of flashes indicators.

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34 999 RUB  |  14 000 UAH  |  available: 41 pieces
MZ-600 device image.
Shop attenuation MZ-600 (MZ600, MZ 600)
Operating range of the attenuation - 0np ÷ 15,21 bp adjustable in 0.01 bp;
Operating frequency range - from 0kGts to 300kHz.

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99 999 RUB   85 999 RUB  |  49 999 UAH   42 999 UAH  |  available: 4 pieces
K540 kit image.

Measuring kit K540 (K 540, K-540)

Measuring kit K540 portable is designed to measure current, voltage and power in single-phase and three-phase three-wire and four-wire alternating current for uniform and non-uniform load phases.
Rated current: 0.1 A, 0.25 A, 0.5 A, 1.0 A, 2.5 A, 5A, 10A, 25A, 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 600A
Rated voltage: 15V, 30V, 75V, 150V, 300V, 450V, 600V.

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28 999 RUB  |  14 499 UAH  |  available: 7 pieces
K507 apparatus image.
The device (measuring kit) K507 (K 507, K-507)
The device (measuring kit) K507 is designed for calibration of differential-null method of measuring current and voltage transformers of accuracy class of 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 3, 10 with rated secondary currents of 1A, 2A, 2 5A and 5A and the nominal secondary voltages of 100V, 150V and 200V active and reactive components of impedance and admittance to the transformer secondary circuit being checked at a frequency of 50 Hz.

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169 999 RUB  |  84 999 UAH  |  available: 3 pieces
    Установка У5052 (У 5052, У-5052)
    Предназначена для наладки и проверки простых релейных защит и элементов электроавтоматики на месте их установки на электростанциях, подстанциях и промышленных предприятиях или в лабораториях.
    Состоит из двух блоков - К513, К514

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1 062 RUB   531 RUB  |  531 UAH   266 UAH  |  available: 600 pieces
Stretching to the measuring instruments T0, 28.
Растяжки к измерительным приборам Г0,28 (Г0.28, Г-0,28, Г-0.28, ПлСр0,28, ПлСр0.28, ПлСр-0,28, ПлСр-0.28, ПлСрМ0,28, ПлСрМ0.28, ПлСрМ-0,28, ПлСрМ-0.28), Taut suspensions, Rubans de suspension, Spannbander
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69 999 RUB  |  34 999 UAH  |  available: 7 pieces
43205 teslameter device image.
Universal digital teslameter 43205
     Designed to measure:
     - radial component of constant magnetic field induction (0-1500mT, ± 0.5%)
     - radial component of sinusoidal RMS form of alternating magnetic field (0-100mT, ± 4%);
     - axial component of constant field induction (0-19.99 mT, ± 2.5%)).

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26 067 RUB   13 034 RUB  |  13 034 UAH   6 517 UAH  |  available: 152 pieces
TS1420 front view (scale).
Ammeter C1420, C1420 voltmeter, milliammeter C1420, C1420 kiloampermetr, kilovoltmeter C1420 (C 1420, C-1420)
Designed to measure voltage in AC networks 50Hz and 400Hz marine power plants, as well as for use in locomotives.
Dimensions - 80h80h166mm.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Vibration, shock-resistant, vibration resistant, splash-proof.

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