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ИМД-21Б Dosimeter IPD-21B.


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Dosimeter IMD-21B (IMD21B, IPD-21-B, 21 B IMD, IMD21-B, B IMD21, IMD 21B)
Dosimeter IPD-21B is designed to measure the exposure dose of gamma radiation, the issue of a light signal on exceeding a threshold value of exposure dose of gamma radiation, the issue of telecode link to an external request, information on the results of measurements in a sequential semielementnogo binary code.
Meter is used for moving or stationary objects.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeters IPD-21B:
Operating temperature range - from -50 ° C to +50 ° C;
Measurement of exposure dose of gamma radiation - from 0.1 R / h to 10000R / h;
Energy range - from 80keV to 2.6 MeV of data on the control panel;
Dosimeter IPD-21B provides an alarm on exceeding the set threshold exposure dose of gamma radiation 1R / h; 5P / h; 10P / h; 50F / h and 100R / h;
Time measurement and alarm unit dosimeter IPD-21B does not exceed 10 seconds;
Operation mode setup time - 5 minutes;
Power supply dosimeter IPD-21B carried by DC +12 V or +24 V with a grounded negative terminal;
Power consumption meter, less than 12W at a voltage equal to 12V and 24W at 24V;
Dosimeter device IPD-21B provides a continuous clock work;
Meter is designed to operate when the length of the connecting cable to the power of detecting up to 200m;
Resource dosimeter device IPD-21B - 25,000 hours;
Resource to the average repair - 12500 hours;
Unit weight dosimeter IPD-21B:
- Block BDMG-36 - 1.1 kg;
- Block BIO-05 - 3.4 kg.