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   Dose rate meter IMD-1R (IMD1R; IPD 1P)

    Meter IMD-1R - a product developed for the measurement of the exposure dose of gamma radiation radioactive contamination and to detect beta radiation.
    Measuring range - 0.01 mR / h - 999R / h
    Measurement error - no more than ± 25%.    
    Power supply:
    - 4 elements of A-343 with a nominal voltage of 6 V;
    - Onboard the DC;
    - The batteries with a voltage of 10.8V to 30V.    
    Weight - 2.5 kg.
    Weight of the device - 12.2 kg.
    Specifications IMD-1R
    Meters IMD-1R reach the operating mode after turning on after 1 minute. The measurement time shall not exceed:
    - 60c - 0.01 mR/ch-9 on sub-band, 99mR / h;
    - 15c - on subband mR/ch-9 0.01 99 R / hr;
    - 6s - at sub-band 10mR/ch-999 mR / hr;
    - 1.5 to - on the sub-band 10mR/ch-999 R / hr
    Audible alarm meter IMD-1R is activated when the exposure rate of 0.1 mR / hr and 300mR / h on the sub-band "mR / hr" and 0.1 mR / hr and 300R / h on the sub-band "P / h."
    Meters IMD-1R can continuously work with one set of A-343 is not less than 100 hours. Meter IPD-1R stably operates at temperatures ranging from -50 º C and +50 º C.
    Meter IMD-1R withstand such loads:
    - Sinusoidal vibration in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 80 Hz with an acceleration of 39 m / s 2 (4g);
    - Transport strikes in packing all types of transport for any distance;
    - Low atmospheric pressure to 90 mm ​​Hg. Art. (At aviatransportirovanii) at -50 ° C;
    - Change of ambient temperature of -60 º C to +65 ° C;
    - Solar radiation;
    - The impact of sand and dust;
    - Falling from a height of 0.75 meters to the ground;
    - Impact working solutions for special processing (except solutions based dihloretana).
    Dose rate meters IMD-1R stably operate at destabilizing factors with more accuracy specified in Table 1:
    Table 1.
Destabilizing factor
Additional error of the instrument dose rate meter IPD-1, not more
Ambient temperature changes in the operating temperature range for every 10 º C
± 5%
100% relative humidity at a temperature of ± 25 º C
± 10%
The change from the normal atmospheric pressure to 450 mm Hg. Art. (104Pa)
± 8%
The impact of frost and dew
± 25%
The impact of the constant magnetic field strengths of up to 318A / m
± 5%

Photos: IMD-1R

IMD-1R device image.
IMD-1R device image.
IMD-1R delivery set.
IMD-1R delivery set.
IMD-1R accessories and spare parts.
IMD-1R accessories and spare parts.
IMD-1R front view.
IMD-1R front view.
IMD-1R side view.
IMD-1R side view.
IMD-1R rear view.
IMD-1R rear view.
IMD-1R overhead view.
IMD-1R overhead view.
IMD-1R view from below.
IMD-1R view from below.