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IDO-06 indicator defects windings of electric machines

Also, this device can be called: IDO 06 IDO06, IDO-O6, IDOO6, IDO O6.

IDO-06 indicators defects windings of electrical machines are designed to control three-phase windings of electrical machines.

Range of asymmetry factor of the phase currents - up to 99%.

Insulation resistance range - up to 500 MOhm.

Scope: IDO-06 reveals defects three-phase winding machine up to 1000 V (without removing and dismantling). A detection also provides:

- Intersectoral circuits;

- Phase failure;

- Incorrect connection phases;

- The poor state of the winding insulation relative to the housing between the windings and the machine.

Specifications IDO-06:

Controlled parameters:

- Unbalance phase currents;

- Insulation resistance.

Sensitivity (the coefficient of asymmetry of the phase currents for the closure of one turn of phase) - not less than 10%.

DC output voltage when measuring insulation resistance - 1000±100 V.

Display - LED and LED three-digit alphanumeric.

Weight - no more than 0,5 kg.

Dimensions - 205x80x50 mm.

Operating conditions IDO-06:

Voltage - 4 V to 5,6 V.

Power consumption - less than 3W.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance indicator defects IDO-06 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos IDO-06

IDO-06 device image.
IDO-06  device image.
IDO-06 accessories and spare parts.
IDO-06 accessories and spare parts.
IDO-06 front view.
IDO-06 front view.
IDO-06 side view.
IDO-06 side view.
IDO-06 rear view.
IDO-06 rear view.
IDO-06 overhead view.
IDO-06 overhead view.
IDO-06 bottom view.
IDO-06 bottom view.