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    Meter dose ID-0,2 (ID0,2, ID 0,2; ID-0.2)

    meter dose ID-0,2 - individual dosimeter used to measure the absorbed dose of gamma and neutron radiation.
    Type of detectors - ionization chamber.
    The range of gamma radiation - 50 keV - 2200keV.
    The range of measurement of absorbed dose of gamma radiation - 20mRad - 200mRad.
    Energy sensitivity - 25% compared to 1.25 MeV.
    Weight - 32g.
    Dimensions - 19 × 110mm.
    Dosimeters ID-0,2 can be used for individual monitoring of personnel working with both sources of continuous action, and with the switching power.
    Devices ID-0,2 have the following feature:
    - Measuring the dose ID-0,2;
    - Case;
    - A passport.
    Weight of the entire set is not more than 650g and the size of its case for 10 dosimeters is 202 × 128 × 28mm.
    Design and operation of the ID-0,2
 ИД-0,2 измеритель дозы, конструкция прибора
Figure 1. ID-0,2 meter dose design of the device:
1 - eyepiece, 2 - holder, 3 - Scale 4 - lens, 5 - ionization chamber, 6 - strand sighting, 7 - shaft, 8 - housing, 9 - insulator, 10 - stop, 11 - Iris, 12 - a lining, 13 - Contact 14 - Bush, 15 - a nut, 16 - cap.
The device is the ID 0 and 2 is made ​​of a pen ("pen") and consists of an ionization chamber of the electroscope, the condenser of the microscope and the contact group in the aluminum case.
ИД-0,2 Электрическая принципиальная схема
Figure 2. Schematic circuit diagram of the ID-0,2

The device ID-0,2, works by measuring changes in potential (voltage) in the ionization chamber under the influence of ionizing radiation. When exposed to ionizing radiation in the amount charged ionization chamber, cylindrical electrodes which are made ​​of tissue-equivalent plastic, there is a current, which reduces the potential of the camera and its associated capacitor. The yarn electroscope, supplied capacity capacitor is rejected and its deviation is measured with a microscope on a scale calibrated in rad.
    The scale has 20 divisions, graduation 10mRad. To ensure linearity charging potential of the ionization chamber is selected within 180V - 250V. Through a contact group ID-0, 2 is its charge with the charger, the charge after the contact group protects the monitor from the discharge.
    The charger contains 4 parallel connected piezoelectric and mechanical amplifier that pushes the piezoelectric elements, the pressure created by the rotating handle. To charge the devices ID-0,2 are inserted by the contact group on the charger, with pressure on them to the central electrode of the ionization chamber is supplied plus the outer electrode-less. In this case, radiation monitors installed on his scale at zero.
    Specifications  ID-0,2
    Meters dose ID-0,2 permissible relative error of measurement of absorbed dose of gamma radiation, not to exceed ± 20% in the range of 20mRad to 200mRad by gamma radiation source of cobalt-60.
    Measurement of neutron absorbed dose is provided by a given sensitivity of the detector dosimeter to thermal neutrons is equal to (2,5 ± 20%) × 108 neutrons / cm 2 Rad in normal conditions.
    Dosimeter ID-0,2 has an additional measurement error not exceeding the following values:
    - ± 8% from the value measured under normal conditions for each 10 ° C change in temperature from 20 ° C to 40 ° C;
    - ± 6% of the value measured under normal conditions for each 10 ° C change in temperature of plus 20 ° C to minus 20 ° C;
    - ± 8% of reading in normal conditions with changes in humidity of 98% at a temperature of 20 ° C.
    Dosimeters ID-0,2 charging of the device HT-6 or any other source with smooth control voltage range from 180V to 250V.
    Devices ID-0, 2 are self-discharge, not to exceed:
    - 1 space per 24 hours under normal conditions;
    - 3 degrees for 150 hours under normal conditions;
    - 2 bar for 24 hours at a temperature of +40 ° C;
    - 2 bar for 4 hours at -20 ° C;
    - 4 points for 48 hours at a relative humidity of 95% at 35 ° C.
    To monitor the device ID-0,2 convergence of evidence during his repeated exposure to the same dose did not exceed ± 5% of full scale.
    Erratic readings that allow gauges doses ID-0, 2, during the warranty period provides a measure of dose to the intrinsic error.
    Meters dose ID-0,2, are able to withstand a minimum of 10,000 cycles of charge thanks to a special diaphragm durability.
    General conditions of manual ID-0,2.
    Operating temperature range of devices ranging from -20 ° C to +40 ° C.
    Meters dose require particularly careful handling: you can not prevent bumps and falls, which can lead to their failure in the overexposure of dosimeters doses of the order of 200p or neutron flux of the order of October 13 neutrons / m 2 for the recovery of the parameters necessary to sustain the dosimeters for 150 hours at 50 ° C.
    Storage and transportation of the ID 0,2
    Set of dosimeters should be stored in heated rooms. The premises must be maintained at a temperature of 5 ° C to 35 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
ID-0,2 Never store together with aggressive chemicals. Devices must be stored in s Xia charged.
    Transportation sets allowed by all modes of transport. For maritime transport dosimeters should be transported in special containers.

Photos: ID-0,2

ID-0,2 measurer in the case image.
ID-0,2 measurer in the case image.
ID-0,2 measurer image.
ID-0,2 measurer image.
ID-0,2 measurer image.
ID-0,2 measurer image.
ID-0,2 front view.
ID-0,2 front view.
ID-0,2 side view.
ID-0,2 side view.
ID-0,2 rear view.
ID-0,2 rear view.
ID-0,2 side view.
ID-0,2 side view.