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Frequency meter ICh-5 (ICh 5, ICh5)
Frequency meter ICh-5 are designed to measure the frequency of oscillations of sound and ultrasonic frequency ranges.
The units are designed for use in laboratories and workshops.
Main technical characteristics
Measurement frequency range 10Hz-100000Gts divided into ten sub-bands: 0-100Hz-200Hz-500Hz-1000Hz, 2000Hz, 5000Hz, 10000Hz, 20000Hz, 50000Gts-100000Gts.
Frequency sampling error does not exceed ± 2% of the nominal value of the scale of each sub-band.
The frequency of the internal reference oscillator 10kHz ± 0,5%.
The limits of the input voltage 0.5-200V.
Allowable ratio of the measured voltage half-cycles of durations from 1 to 1/3.
Input impedance is not below 40-50 ohms.
Input capacitance of the device frequency meter ICh-5 no more than 30 pF.
Power supply: 110V 50Hz, 127V or 220V ± 10%.
Dimensions 360h250h235mm.
The weight is not more than 12.5 kg.