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Electrical measuring instruments >> analog panel meters >> panel with round scale devices for harsh environments >> size 120х120mm


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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

It is possible to customize any special scales.


Measurer for elektrotahometrs I1600 (I-1600, I 1600) I160 analog (I 160, I-160)

For measurements of the speed of propeller shaft.
Dimensions 120h120h173mm.
Accuracy class 1.5.
Shock-resistant, vibration resistance, resistant to shaking.
Measurer for elektrotahometrs I1600 (I 160) is designed to measure the frequency of rotation of the propeller shaft. The device is used I1600 at an ambient temperature of -40 º C to +50 º C and relative humidity up to 100%.
Ranges 150 - 0 - 150 rev / min. 200 - 0 - 200 revolutions / min. 250 - 0 - 250ob/min., 300 - 0 - 300ob/min. 400 - 0 - 400rpm. 500 - 0 - 500 rev / min., 600 - 0 - 600 rev / min., 800 - 0 - 800 rev / min., 1000 -0 - 1000rpm.
I1600 measurer are designed to work in conjunction with the tachometer type K17.
The basic error of the instrument with symmetrical bilateral scale is ± 1,0% the amount of the final values ​​of the measuring range, the device with asymmetric bilateral scale - ± 1,5% the amount of the final value of the measuring range, the device with one-sided scale - ± 1,5% of the measuring range (with modifications to the unit.) Settling time moving part 3c. The housing splash-proof.
Weight 1.7 kg I1600: 185mm scale length sided, double-sided - 240mm. Measuring system magnetoelectric device, the movable portion on the cores. The scale of the instrument is circular.
Mean time between failures is 24000ch. The average life span of 15 years. The device complies with GOST.

Photos I1600

I1600 front view (scale).
I1600 front view (scale).
I1600 side view (casing depth).
I1600 side view (casing depth).
I1600 rear view (connection).
I1600 rear view (connection).