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Calibrator pulse I1-14 (I114, I-1-14, I 1 14, I1 14)
Calibrator pulse I1-14 are used in the development, serial production and operation of broadband oscilloscopes, as well as to test the linear four-HRP (video amplifier, dividers, etc.).
Technical characteristics of the instrument calibrators pulse I1-14:
Provide a reduction in the duration of the front, extended settings - duration, latency periods of repetition;
Have small dimensions and weight;
Mode - single pulse sequence;
The polarity of the instrument calibrator pulse I1-14 - positive and negative;
Rise time - ≤ 1 ns;
Ejection at the top - ≤ 3%;
Uneven top - ≤ (1-3)%;
The maximum amplitude of the pulse - ≥ 20V;
Amplitude error of the instrument calibrator pulse I1-14 - 0,1 U;
Smoothly-stage pulse amplitude attenuation - 0dB-63dB;
The pulse duration - 0.1 ms-10mks;
Accuracy duration of the instrument calibrator I1-14 Pulse - 0,1 t +0,01 us;
The pulse repetition period - 0.01 ms-100mkc;
Accuracy of period - 0.1 T;
Time shift (delay) of the main unit calibrator pulse pulse I1-14 on the clock - 0.03 ms-1mks;
Accuracy of time shift - 0,1 D +0,01 us;
Spurious modulation time-shift - 10 -4 D +0,1 ns;
Power supply calibrator pulse I1-14 - 220V, 50Hz, 115V, 400 Hz;
Power requirements - 45V ∙ A;
Overall instrument calibrator pulse I1-14 - 360X184X235mm;
Weight - 7kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument calibrator pulse I1-14 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: I1-14

I1-14 calibrator image.
I1-14 calibrator image.
I1-14 front view.
I1-14 front view.
I1-14 side view.
I1-14 side view.
I1-14 rear view.
I1-14 rear view.
I1-14 overhead view.
I1-14 overhead view.
I1-14 bottom view.
I1-14 bottom view.