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Generator test pulses I1-11 (I111, I-1-11, I 1 11, I1 11)
Generator test pulses I1-11 is designed to test the PH Y-channels oscilloscope to 10MHz.
Technical characteristics of the devices generator test pulses I1-11:
Two modes of operation:
- Provides single sequence of pulses of positive and negative polarities with the porosity of at least 100 ± 20;
- With two off-duty factor 0.1 (square wave).
- Front - ≤ 10 ns (mode 1), ≤ 0,1 ms (mode 2);
- Cut - ≤ 100ns (mode 1), ≤ 0,5 ms (mode 2).
The pulse duration test pulses generator unit I1-11 - 1 ms-100mks (mode 1), 0.05 ms-5 ms and up to 10000ms with a single start-up (mode 2).
Amplitude into 50 ohms: 0,005 B-65V (mode 1), 0.05-6B (mode 2).
The pulse repetition period instrument generator test pulses I1-11 - 0.1 ms, 10 ms (mode 1 and 2).
Delay relative to the main clock pulses - 0.03 ms-1mks (mode 1), 0.1 ms-1mks (rezhim2).
Dimensions of the unit test pulses generator I1-11 - 360h184h332mm.
Weight - 9kg.
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit test pulses generator I1-11 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: I1-11

I1-11 generator image.
I1-11 generator image.