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Hunter Professional Breathalyzer HUNTER PROFESSIONAL professional digital.

Hunter Professional

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
Breathalyzer Hunter Professional professional digital
Breathalyzer Hunter Professional is designed for professional digital high-precision measurement of alcohol in exhaled air.
The main advantages of Breathalyzer:

1) High precision measurements.
In the instrument a professional digital breathalyzer Hunter Professional installed Japanese precision sensor.This sensor has proven itself globally as a very accurate and reliable.  Thanks to him, a solid base for building highly accurate breathalyzers.
But one high-precision sensor is not enough. Due to changes in environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, volume, air, even the most expensive and accurate sensor has a serious error.  Therefore, design engineers breathalyzer device Hunter Professional professional digital system has developed a unique digital compensation.After heating the sensor to a temperature of 400 ° C it evaporates from the condensate and other contaminants, which eliminates errors due to moisture.  Next, the system measures the ambient temperature, and performs a nonlinear digital compensation of sensor errors using a Fourier transform.
All this is possible to ensure high accuracy in any operating temperature range, at any time of day and night, seasons and terrain.
2) Automatic self-test and self-calibration of the instrument Breathalyzer Hunter Professional Professional digital.
Breathalyzer before starting measurement makes testing the sensor. If it is found that the sensor needs to be calibrated, Breathalyzer report this by writing the appropriate inscription on the graphical display.
This may be done directly, without using any additional funds, produce self-calibration breathalyzer! Breathalyzer can calibrate the sensor itself in the sober expiration.It is also possible the second type of calibration using the generator and alcohol-air mixtures.
System self-test and self-calibration of the instrument can be used for a long time (more than 5 years!) and thus obtain accurate measurements, as well as at the beginning of operation. And do not worry about whether or not calibration. Breathalyzer Professional Hunter Professional Digital himself will tell you about it!
Thus, before the inscription on the need for self-calibration, you are always assured of the accuracy and reliability of breathalyzer.

3) The control of expiration.
Thanks to the control of expiratory Breathalyzers Professional Hunter Professional Digital report on incomplete exhalation, eliminating the inaccurate measurement or deception breathalyzer.You will always be sure that the measurement carried out correctly and the result is reliable.
4) The system of conservation.
Energy system can maximize battery life. The device Hunter Professional professional digital breathalyzer itself regulates power consumption modes, and if necessary interrupt the power supply or backlight graphic display.
5) highly informative graphical display.
Graphic display device Breathalyzer Hunter Professional professional digital allows measurements and view the results in light and in darkness.
Breathalyzer is simple and understandable to the user communicates in Russian.

There is a graphical battery power supply, temperature sensor. The result of testing the sensor, the current unit of measurement and the measurement itself displayed large numbers.
6) Displays the result of the unit Breathalyzer Professional Hunter Professional Digitalin all possible units.
Breathalyzer "Hunter Professional 'is capable of displaying the results in all possible units:
- Ppm (grams of alcohol per 1 liter of blood);
- Mg / l (milligrams of alcohol per 1 liter of exhaled air);
-% BAC.
Do not need to count in your mind! Breathalyzers itself provide the measurement result in a convenient form for you. It is also possible conversion from one unit to another is following the measurement.
Simply put convenient for you, and blow units in the Hunter Professional Breathalyzer professional digital. If the alcohol concentration is within normal limits, breathalyzer, but the result of measurement, will give a picture <OK on the steering wheel driving>:
Breathalyzer is convenient because you can not even go into the unit. Breathalyzers just says you can not drive or not. And for the rules, it shall demand it of Russian law.In addition, the measurement can easily convert to any other unit of measure by simply pressing a button.
Technical characteristics of the devices Breathalyzer Hunter Professional professional digital:
Ability to display the result in the following units: mg / l, ppm,% BAC.
Wide measuring range:
- From 0mg / L to 2.5 mg / L;
- From 0.00 ppm to 5.00 ppm;
- From 0.000% BAC to 0,500% BAC.
Type of display - OLED, 132h64 points (four, graphic).
Display Breathalyzer device Hunter Professional professional digital - unit of measurement, the measurement result, the battery charge and temperature.
The recommended number of measurements per day - less than 140.
Count of the number of tests performed on the device - is.
The working range of climatic conditions breathalyzer device Hunter Professional professional digital:
- Ambient temperature - from -5 º C to +70 ° C;
- Relative humidity (no condensation) - from 10% to 85%.
Overall dimensions (without mouthpiece) - not more 105h58h18, 5mm.
Can work on batteries and accumulators from AAA ("Mizintchikov").
Warranty period - 12 months.
The service life of the instrument Breathalyzers Professional Hunter Professional Digital- more than 5 years at an average intensity of use 4 hours per day.
The apparatus Hunter Professional Breathalyzers Professional Digital:
- Analyzer alcohol "Hunter Professional" INTK.431412.001 - 1 pc.
- Battery type <AAA> - 2.
- Mouthpieces - 5.
- Manual INTK. 431412.001RE - 1 pc.
- Packing box - 1 pc.