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Gidrotester GT-600M (GT600M, GT-600-M, GT 600 M, GT 600M)
Gidrotester GT-600M is designed to determine the technical state of hydraulic excavators, cranes, manipulators, and other special equipment, the reasons for refusal and inefficiencies hydraulic actuators and mechanisms to address these causes, the optimum hydraulic settings and restore normal operation of hydraulic drive.
Gidrotester GT-600M allows from one place of diagnosis, without changing the point of connection to the hydraulic machine:
- To carry out fault finding on all the hose (hydraulic single stream);
- Define the technical condition of the pump (one section) and all sections of the distributor, all hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors, "fed" by this pump;
- Perform monitoring and tuning of all safety valves;
- Verifies that the control valve spools and spools of mechanisms to automatically return.
Technical characteristics of the devices gidrotestery GT-600M:
The measured parameters
Units of measure;
Fluid pressure
kg / cm 2
Flow rate
l / min
Fluid temperature
Degrees On
0 - 100%
0 - 100%
0 - 100%
Volumetric efficiency
0 - 100%
0 - 100%
0 - 100%
Power supply electronic unit - 10V-24V;
Weight - 8kg;
Gidrotester GT-600M provides:
- Smooth increase and decrease of pressure in the hydraulic system with load device;
- Simultaneous control of pressure and flow;
- Digital display of parameters; The design of the instrument gidrotester GT-600M uses a high-precision liquid volume flow transducer that measures and shows the magnitude of fluid flow in l / min.
Connecting a hydraulic unit the unit to the hydraulic system, you can:
- measurement of volumetric efficiency hydraulic pump;
- To measure the pump flow generated over the entire range of pressure and to determine the response regulator of the working volume of the pump;
- Determine the amount of internal leakage in each section of the control valve, hydraulic cylinder in each and every motor (in l / min or as a percentage of the pump);
- To measure the pressure relief valve settings;
In the electronic device unit gidrotester GT-600M provides protection from vibration, shock, reverse polarity and over voltage.The electronic unit differs from its analogues provide a direct measurement of volumetric efficiency (claim Luciano arithmetic);
Attached to the device "technique of diagnosing hydraulic" allows professionals, including beginners, to learn advanced methods of diagnosis of hydraulic equipment directly on the technique, as well as on a stationary stand;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument gidrotester GT-600M technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos GT-600M

GT-600M device image.
GT-600M device image.