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    The noise generator GSh-11 (GSh11, GSh 11)

    The noise generator GSh-11 - a device designed to protect objects of computers against information leakage due to compromising emanations.
    The range of wavelengths - 2.6 cm - 3.6 cm
    The power spectral density of noise - 63kTo.
    Measurement accuracy of the absolute value of the noise spectral density - ± 0,3 dB.
    Generators GSh-11 to protect computer equipment first, second and third categories by constructing and radiation to the surroundings of the electromagnetic field noise.
    Specifications GSh-11:

    For noise generator voltage GSh-11 parts of the product has the following values:
    - Filament voltage - 5.7 V - 7B;
    - Voltage anode - 260B - 310B.

    Heater current for the product GS-11 A 1.07 - 1.22 A, the anode current - 145A - 155A. Resistance in the anode 3.5 ohms.
    Generators GSh-11 stand 3000 hours of operating time.
    Notes on operation of GSh-11

    The noise generator GSh-11 requires careful handling, it eliminates accidental fall, hitting, jarring.
    The waveguide section of the generator, which uses a GSh-11, should be protected from the ingress of dust and moisture. When insufficient Dust should be ensured periodic removal of dust from the waveguide and the workpiece surface.
    Noise generators GSh-11 works in the generator section and section drawings which are given in the technical description. It is forbidden to work under high voltage products at reduced anode or filament voltage is turned off to prevent loss of cathode emission.
    Storage conditions of GSh-11

    Storage GSh-11 must comply with the following conditions:
    - In the original package in all storage areas (except the open area);
    - Built-in hardware consisting of objects or set of spare parts - all places of storage.
    The noise generator GSh-11 can remain in manufacturer's packaging, as well as finding it in the storage conditions for 8 years.

Photos: GSh-11

GSh-11 generator image.
GSh-11 generator image.
GSh-11 generator image.
GSh-11 generator image.
GSh-11 front view.
GSh-11 front view.
GSh-11 rear view.
GSh-11 rear view.
GSh-11 overhead view.
GSh-11 overhead view.
GSh-11 bottom view.
GSh-11 bottom view.