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Radiometer Gorin-RKGB-01 (RKGB01, RKGB 01)
Radiometer Gorin-RKGB-01 is designed for personal radiation monitoring people on the ground, in homes and workplaces.
It provides the ability to measure the power of field equivalent dose of gamma radiation flux density measurements of beta radiation from the surface, contaminated with 90 + of the specific activity of the radionuclide cesium-137 in aqueous solutions, as well as chime in excess of the threshold power of the field equivalent dose of gamma- radiation that is installed by the consumer.
As a sensor of ionizing radiation in the device dosimeter-radiometer Gorin-RKGB-01 uses two types of gas-discharge counters SBM-20 in parallel, according to the pulse pattern.When injected into the working volume of the counters of ionizing particles appear at the load counter pulse repetition frequency is proportional to the dose rate of gamma-radiation flux density, or beta radiation.
The pulses of counters, limited in amplitude received during the measurement interval, the pulses are fed to the counter, and then to liquid crystal display.
The time intervals of measurement are set timer and frequency divider.
After the end of the measurement device emits an intermittent sound and captures the measured value.
Technical characteristics of the devices radiometers Gorin-RKGB-01:
Measuring range
- Field power equivalent dose of gamma radiation - 0.1 mkZV/ch-99, 99mkZv / h;
- Flux density of beta-radiation from the surface (the radionuclides strontium-90 + yttrium-90) - (0.1-100) 1 / (s ∙ cm);
- Specific activity of the radionuclide cesium-137 in aqueous solutions - 2 ∙ ∙ March 10 Bk/kg-2 10 6 Bq / kg;
Energy range of the instrument recorded dosimeter Gorin-RKGB-01 gamma radiation - 0.06 MeV-1, 25MeV;
The limits of permissible values ​​of the basic errors of measurement:
- Equivalent dose of gamma radiation:
a) in sub-band of 0.1 mSv / h to 1mkZv / h - 40%;
b) in sub-band of 1mkZv / h to 99.99 mSv / h - ± 25%;
- Flux density of beta-radiation of radionuclides 90 ∙ 90u from the surface:
a) in sub-band of 0,11 / c ∙ cm to 11 / c ∙ cm - ± 60%;
b) in sub-band of 11 / c ∙ cm to 1001 / c ∙ cm - 40%;
- Specific activity of the radionuclide cesium-137 in aqueous solutions:
a) in sub-band of 2 ∙ ∙ Bk/kg-2 March 10 April 10 Bq / kg - ± 60%
b) in sub-band of 2 ∙ ∙ April 10 Bk/kg-2 10 6 Bq / kg - ± 40%;
The energy dependence of the radiometer readings Gorin-RKGB-01 measurements of field capacity equivalent dose of gamma radiation is not worse than 25%;
The instability of the readings after 12 hours of continuous operation - 5%;
Operation mode setup time radiometer instrument RKGB-01 - less than 10 seconds;
Time of continuous operation - not less than 12 hours;
The device provides the ability to install any one (out of 31 possible) threshold alarms on power field-equivalent dose of gamma radiation in the range of 0.1 mkZv/ch-1, 6 mSv / h;
Overall dimensions dosimeter-radiometer Gorin-RKGB-01 - less than 153x77x39mm;
Weight of the device - no more than 0.36 kg;
MTBF dosimeter-radiometer instrument RKGB-01 - at least 4,000 hours;
Service life - at least 10 years of age;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument dosimeter RKGB-01 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: RKGB-01

RKGB-01 radiometer image.
RKGB-01 radiometer image.
RKGB-01 panel view with box.
RKGB-01 panel view with box.
RKGB-01 panel view.
RKGB-01 panel view.
RKGB-01 side view.
RKGB-01 side view.
RKGB-01 side view.
RKGB-01 side view.
RKGB-01 bottom view with the cover removed.
RKGB-01 bottom view with the cover removed.
RKGB-01 bottom view.
RKGB-01 bottom view.