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Generator Sweep GKCH52 (sweep-52, sweep 52)
Generator Sweep GKCH52 intended for use as a source of microwave signal in the panoramic meter voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of type P2.

Technical characteristics of the devices Generators Sweep GKCH52:

Ambient temperature - from 278K to 313K (5 º C to 40 ° C);
Relative humidity - up to 95% at 303K (30 ° C);
Frequency band instrument generator Sweep GKCH52 - 1.07 GHz, 2 14GGts;
Power supply - 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz;
Maximum permissible error of the frequency band and cutoff frequencies of oscillation does not exceed ± 0,02 f, where f - the maximum working frequency sub-band;
Short-term frequency instability of the instrument generator Sweep GKCH52 RPCH mode for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes of tuning the frequency in normal conditions does not exceed 1 ∙ 10-3f;
The width of the output signal in CW mode and RPCH based parasitic frequency deviation at the level of-10dB from the main signal level does not exceed 0,05 f, where f - the minimum band sweep;
Unit generator Sweep GKCH52 provides the following modes of frequency hopping:
- Manual frequency tuning;
- Manual frequency agility;
- Periodic sweep;
- Single sweep with a hand launch;
- Tuning of the frequency of the external power supply;
Duration of periods of automatic sweep of 0.08 s, 1s, 10s and 40s;
Non-linearity in frequency tuning of the band rocking the maximum does not exceed ± 5% of the maximum value of the swing;
Output power unit generator Sweep GKCH52 at work on a matched load - not less than 1 mW;
ARM System accuracy with respect to the frequency response of the external sensor is less than ± 0,3 dB;
Sensitivity of AWP for the input - no worse than 5mV;
The device generator Sweep GKCH52 provides:
a) in the continuous generation (NG);
b) using the internal amplitude modulation (AM) with a frequency of 100kHz meander ± 1 kHz and a modulation depth of not less than 15 dB;
The amplitude of the applied voltage for tuning the frequency of the maximum band swing to range from 0V to +10 V;
The radiation level of microwave power at a distance of 1m from the unit generator Sweep GKCH52 generated during its operation does not exceed 1 ∙ 109Vt/sm2;
Options auxiliary outputs to loads of 10K:
a) The amplitude of the voltage sweep - not less than 5 V;
b) amplitude videoimpulsnoy label - at least -0.7 V;
c) the amplitude of the voltage square wave 100kHz - not less than 0.5;
d) the amplitude control voltage - no less than-5V;
e) pulse amplitude blanking reverse sweep - not less than-5V;
High-frequency output generator unit Sweep GKCH52 - coaxial with impedance 50 ohms, and section 7 / 3, 04mm;
Electrical isolation network plug relative to the body can withstand without breakdown test voltage 1500V to 900V under normal conditions and under high humidity;
Insulation resistance of this circuit device generator Sweep GKCH52 relative to the body - at least 20 MW, with high humidity - at least 2 MW, at an elevated temperature - not less than 5 megohms;
The device provides its specifications within established norms of time after setting the mode of 15 minutes;
The device generator Sweep GKCH52 retains its specifications within established norms for their nutrition from AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz and harmonic content up to 5%;
The power consumed by the device on the network at a nominal supply voltage does not exceed 100 V ∙ A;
The device generator Sweep GKCH52 allows continuous operation in the working conditions for 8 hours while maintaining their performance within the established norms;
Continuous operation time does not include the time required to establish the operating mode;
Overall dimensions generator Sweep GKCH52 - 490x475x175mm;
Weight - 90kg.

Photos: ГКЧ52

ГКЧ52 generator image.
ГКЧ52 generator image.
ГКЧ52 front view.
ГКЧ52 front view.
ГКЧ52 side view.
ГКЧ52 side view.
ГКЧ52 rear view.
ГКЧ52 rear view.
ГКЧ52 overhead view.
ГКЧ52 overhead view.
ГКЧ52 bottom view.
ГКЧ52 bottom view.