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    Radar devices GK4-19A (RIP-1)
    Also, this device can be called: GK419A, GK4 19A, GKЧ-19A.
    GK4-19A radar devices used to check and adjust the radar three-centimeter wavelength range and microwave test equipment repair shops, as well as field and shipboard conditions (if the devices are protected from direct exposure to rain and splashes).
    Frequency range - from 8000 MHz to 9680 MHz.
    The device provides the power measurement, frequency spectrum and radio frequency pulses of the transmitter, the sensitivity and bandwidth of the receiver, as well as control of the AFC.
    As the signal generator unit GK4-19A operates in the following modes:
    - Continuous generation;
    - Internal and external pulse modulation.
    Specifications GK4-19A:
    Input voltage - 127 V/220 V, 115 V/220 V.
    The frequency - 50 Hz, 400 Hz.
    Output voltage - 6.3 V, 200 V, 300 V, 400 V
    Weight - 25 kg.
    Dimensions - 490x255x355 mm.
    Severe operating conditions.
    The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance radar instrument GK4-19A (RIP-1) to all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: GK4-19A

GK4-19A device image.
GK4-19A device image.